Saturday, October 22, 2011

Poem of the week (10) - Longing and Loss

Happy Weekend Poetic Friends.I welcome you all to the Poem of the Week for this week's theme Life, Loss,  Loosing, and Failures.I read many wonderful poems from talented writers and one which had my attention more was Free withing these walls.Ah! The title has so much meaning and so I read the poem which was more deeper in meaning.For those who are wondering , I am talking about Roughwaterjohn poems :)

I think it was a personal poem for Sara and since he had his linked his poem here for poetry potluck to select ,now this is here.

The poetry was overall touching and poignant and deserved to be here today

Free within these walls....

Free to fly, though kept within, the walls of those who cling,
Spirit swells, as heart burns bright, her thoughts as bird will sing.
Gaze from glass of ‘prisoned walls, she thinks and plans her day,
Words that wound she will not say, though here she may not stay.
Though loves her spirit free and bright, yet he clings too tight,
With clutch of need and grasp of doubt, still she will not fight.
For bright the light that burns within, this aged soul in youth,
Wisdom deep and heart most kind, helps deal with those uncouth.
She shares with those who share her light, but never undermines,
This need he has though clinging tight, she reads her loves dark signs.
Dark with doubt but not with pain, he fears his thoughts, not hers,
Wiser than the one who clings, her words and thoughts assures.
She views the world through curtained life, looks out on friends afar,
Though sky seems dark with lack of light, she finds a distant star.
Its light reflects the light within, she knows she need not stay,
She plays her part, still loves the one, who’s deeds have writ this play.
-Copyrighted to Roughwaterjohn
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Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...
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Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

I do so enjoyed John's piece,

a wise choice, Uma,


Unknown said...

I love John's piece here as well,

Glad to see it here,
perfect choice.

Uma Anandane said...

Yes I too likes it..smooth flow