Sunday, September 8, 2019

poetry, you do make peace through your echos of spirits and persistence

Image result for texas poets  shelly wilson is a poet

Image result for penny wilson tang poems  penny wilson writes tang poems from

Image result for rann wang   rann wang is a good english poet

Image result for tom yarbrough  tom yarbrough is a perfect poet to all level of readers
Image result for kay ryan   laura bush writes good poems under kay ryan

Image result for ted hughes       ted hills and ted hughes, they write sound poems

Image result for emily dickinson poetry books  read one of those, keep laughing...
Image result for 8 years birthday    9/10/2011----9/10/2019, 9 starts, 8 years of poetic picnics and in the years to come...until 2119

Image result for 8 years birthday   chen jianjun, amanda woodward, gloria gay, andy greenhouse, and london
emerson, they used to play a birthday game which was invented in mexico

Image result for 108th birthday gifts  dr. seuss is an exceptional poet who intends to celebrate a 108 birthday