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Sweet Christmas Wishes For You and Your Beloved Family! Take Good Care!

A HuGe Greeting from Mine To Yours,
Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your input is valued and recorded,
stay creative, and enjoy a satisfying holiday season!

Always, U Inspire!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Poetic Reflection Week 41: Deadly Butterfly Betrayal

Tell us about yourself, please?

Once given a name by the meaning of eternal ruler of her own world, I am a love of darkness. I do no consider myself more of a writer but a creator of my own little world. I am not born from an English speaking family but it is such a powerful tool that allow me to write and create images to allow my readers to see the beauty of my world. As I said before, English may not be a subject that I can score well in, but it definitely a language that I can use to write fantasy with.

Often, you will see that most of my poetry are accompanied by an image, this is because being an artist and designer, I paint my world with beautiful images to create stories, which sparks from inspirations and imaginations. I also used to design logos, banners and websites for community and friends as well. 

I am currently studying in DigiPen, Bachelor of Arts In Game Design, in hope to become a game designer one day which I am able to bring my semi-graphical novel to life, which means making it a real game which every gamer can actually play.

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?
When did you start blogging?

My blog is Deadly Butterfly Betrayal, a combination of darkness and sadness lurking within. Butterfly is a sacred species that sometimes related to the word, life. In my blog, I wish to portray my interpretion of life in my own world to my readers. I had especially chosen the dark theme of sadness as I think that I can relate more to that than the light theme of happiness. And also, Deadly Butterfly Betrayal is a symbol of loyal to friends and loved ones, which means that I am trying to tell people about my personality and thoughts with the poems I had written. Anything inside the blog is all about the truth I seen and things that I wanted to share with everyone. It is not just poetry, but thoughts that can relate. Though I did not really focus much of personal stuffs, but then you should often see emotions and feelings spurring out from a few poetry work that sort of highlights my life.

What are your writing inspirations?

My inspirations come from my daily life basically. Honestly speaking, I never once consider myself as a happy person. I don't think it is a bad idea because I am able to use my emotions to write on the topics which not many people like to touch on, for example sadness, it is so simple yet it is so difficult to portray as there are many different meanings to it.

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

I believe that as long as a poetry is able to relate to the readers out there, it is good enough. I do revise my work and get opinions from friends before I posted it onto my website. 

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

I started writing poetry when I created my blog just last year June. I also writes a semi-graphical novel series, Tributes of Sonia. The series is set to have a game within game system and a game environment which readers can actually "play" while reading the e-book. I have developed this new concept into a novel because I think that it might be much more interesting than just having a book that you can only read. Everything in this series is a combination of my hobby and passion. The first two books had been published and are free to download, to find out more about it, you may check out this link:

Do you have a favorite author or poet? Please include her/his blog link.

 It will be Percy Bysshe Shelly and my favorite poems of his will be "Lines" and "War". To find out more about him, check this link, or for his works,

Can you share a piece of your work or a poem that best represents your talent? Please include the poem content along with your poem link of your blog.

I would like to share my latest work, River of Tears. 

Twinkling in the night
Upon surfacing into the view of aurora
Tears wept into the river of despair
Silence cries for hope
Dreams become the reality of sorrow
Promises become droplets of death
Minds no longer as a whole
Insanity torn the soul apart
Wandering into the
River of Tears
to be released
from the
reality of sorrow

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

I am well versed with technical management with blog and I am able to help with the design and feel of the website, and that is why I decided to support Jingle Poetry Community , including JP @ Olive Garden, with the skills that I have acquired over the past few years. 

What's your plan for your future writing? 

As I did not have much time now since I am studying right now, I wish to continue writing Tributes of Sonia after I graduated smoothly because that is what I have in plan since I started writing the series. I hope that I am able to make use of what I had learned within these two years to develop Tributes of Sonia to a new height of a semi-graphical novel series in a game-like environment.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Superstorm Shows Blue and Bitter by George Lincoln

Greetings, how is your Saturday?

The day is sunny, in its 70's, we have fun playing music and making new friends...hope that your weekend is a good one.

There are solid support to our week 41 or end of the year poetry picnic, i love seeing your styles and talent shine in this sparkling place, reading you is a pleasure...

for poem of the week, I decide to highlight a piece that relates to Sandy or a super storm...enjoy!

The Superstorm Shows Blue and Bitter  by George Lincoln 

The Super storm's color is blue and bitter,
It covers the active land as a disaster.
Women are comfort to move on to November,
The losses and wound are tearful to remember.
Courage is made of wisdom and wonder,
The aftermath of violent weather to labor under.
Cypress bush is crow dark,
Men are goat-teeth in your heart.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tale Spinning - Friday Blog Review - Week 41

Hello readers (and fellow writers), today we are going to look at Stuart Nager’s blog, Tale Spinning.  I was first drawn to it by the brightly coloured background and the layout.  Easy to navigate and simply laid out.  His blog not only contains amazing poems but also some amazing stories.  There are also illustrations and images to go along with pretty much every post--at least all the ones I’ve seen. He is also pretty easy to find simply by Googling his name.  This specific blog seems to have posts since February 2011 but he has been writing longer than that.  His official website is here. But on with the review of his blog.

All of his poems seem to be brilliantly written, but one of the ones I really loved was Silence, Leading To...  Below is just a bit of them poem, you can click on it to go to the poem on his blog.  

Another great poem he posted right after is called How Are You Doing, here is a portion of it.

On an ending note, one really cute short story he wrote is called Connect The Dots and I highly suggest you read it.  I hope you enjoy his blog and writing as much as I have.
~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thursday Poetry Form Week 41: A Repost By Ava

Hello Everyone!

I am Ava of and I will being co-writing with CC Champagne. I will write this article every other week. I am very excited to begin this writing job. I am not much of a master of poetic forms so hopefully this will be a learning experience for both you, the reader, and me, the writer. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Comments are EXTREMELY welcome!

This week we are going to talk about iambic pentameter. This is a good introductory lesson because it is used very frequently. So before you can start writing like Shakespeare, you will have to learn to use iambic pentameter. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but eventually it will be as easy as breathing. (Okay, maybe not that easy, but you will be use iambic pentameter correctly.)

Iambic pentameter is a commonly used metrical line in both traditional verse and verse drama. The term "iambic pentameter" describes the particular rhythm that the line creates. That rhythm is effectively measured in small groups of syllables called feet. The word "iambic" describes the type of foot that is being used which, in English, is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. The word "pentameter" means that there are five of these feet.

When two syllables are arranged in a pattern of unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable this line is called iambic. The English word "trapeze" is a good example because the emphasis is on the second syllable (tra-PEZE) as opposed to (TRA- peze). Another simple example is the human heart beat. The duh-DUM of the heartbeat is probably the most common and the easiest to understand. Here is a example of a poem that use iambic pentameter. This poem is by John Donne:

Batter my heart three-personed God, for you
As yet, but knock, breathe, shine and seek to mend,

That I may rise and stand o'er throw me and bend,

You force to break, blow, burn and make me new.

So now you know how to use iambic pentameter. Hopefully this was enlightening for you. Once again, comments are warmly welcomed. I only want to get better. I hope you feel inspired!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poetic Reflection Week 40: Life In Verse

Thank you so much, everybody!
Love and Hugs always,
~~Aynsley (Life In Verse)

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Aynsley. My favorite color is purple. I have five loves. Blogs and Poetry (as you have probably already discovered) Music, Language (I want to learn 15), and my siblings and my cat (O.K. that's six… I can count… I promise!) I love to have fun, which is different from the aforementioned things because to have fun is a verb, not a noun. I only have two settings on which I do things: Not at all, or wholeheartedly. If I'm not immediately passionate about something, usually I abandon it. On the other hand, if I like what I'm doing, I won't do it halfway. It may take a while for me to get where I'm going (because I'm also very stubborn and it is hard for me to change my routine) But eventually, I will get where I want to be driven by a fierce passion to get there. By now, you have probably also figured out that I love to talk (again, a verb!) which is bad for me, I know, but that, and my incredibly annoying laugh, are the two character flaws of mine that I'm working on now. I am studying to be a musician right now and Shostakovich and Mussorgsky are my favorite composers. If you read on, you'll learn a few more of my favorite things, and I realized that if you put them all together it seems like I'm a sort of depressed person that likes to hang around in the darkness holding séances in my closet for undead things, but I can assure you that's not the case. I am alive and well and I love life! I just also like Shostakovich, Tim Burton movies, and Edgar Allen Poe. Shostakovich is a very good composer who wrote many pieces of music to fit with the time and mood of Russia during the second world war. It is very hard to convey such political meaning in a piece of music or an opera. Dmitri Shostakovich (or the Shost, as my brother calls him) is truly an inspiration and the only man who could ever convey the mood of an entire country through music. While I'm speaking of Russian composers, I must note that my composer crush is Mussorgsky who wrote a lot of FUN music, and I really respect him for being able to convey emotions and be able to paint pictures in your mind through music. His baton is a paintbrush. My favorite pieces of music to play are written by Bach, which is a much more accurate representation of my person, because all of his pieces are baroque and light and fluffy yet difficult and REALLY FUN to play. By far the Bach Double is my favorite piece of music EVER, however cliché that might seem. (oops, sorry about wandering from the subject… that is another thing I'm really good at. By now I must seem really conceited and stupid to you… well, let's move on then, shall we? I will try to dispel you of that notion, however, I am afraid that it may be true… although I hope not).

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?

 My blog blog bloggity blog blog blog. I named it, sort of as a pun, but I don't think it went as well or as puny as I intended. I thought that it could be interpreted Life inverse or life in verse. I guess I think that somewhere inside everyone is that thing that can change somebody or even yourself. And, yeah, that sounds a bit lame, but I really do think that everyone has something that can turn someone's life upside-down, hence the "Inverse" part of that. But the part that is "in verse" is sort of supposed to imply the poetry emphasis on the blog. The significance was born after I named the blog, not beforehand. I mean, I didn't name the blog after an important event or quote in my life, but I named it in the hopes that it would be significant or important in someone else's life. Now it has become a big part of me and who I am, I would say it has meaning now, but the meaning grew with the blog, it didn't start before that.

When did you start blogging?

Well, I really started blogging in school. I was in a composition class in which one of the exercises was to read a bit of news and write about it, then comment on what two or three other classmates had written once a week.  It was a challenge of style and content. I remember me and one of my friends got really into it. We both had starkly different political views, and we got into this huge war over the healthcare system/reform, but it was a really good for us, because we learned a lot about each other and we really stretched our minds and talked in depth with each other, but we kept all of our fighting confined to comments, so I think it was healthy for us. That was where I learned how to blog, but the blog I have now was my sister's 'fault.' She and I are really close in age, so she took the same class as I, but with a different teacher, and that was, I could be wrong, but that was where she got the idea for her blog. Then she started telling me I should get a blog. She told me it was really relaxing and a great place to just vent or have a place to let go, and I kept thinking, I'll never keep it up, it was a thing for school, that's not really who I am, computers hate me and I hate them, and so on and so forth, until I started my first blog. It was a total flop and I think I spent more time getting the background looking pretty then I did actually posting. I didn't think I had anything to say.  But then my sister kept checking in on my blog and she would ask me why I never posted anything and get a little agitated. So I decided to try again. I started the blog that I have now, and I was pretty halfhearted, to tell the truth, and I thought, I'll just write a couple of posts to make my sister happy and then it'll blow over and I will just keep my thoughts to myself as normal. But a couple weeks in, I don't know how, Jingle found my blog and left a comment on one of the very few posts inviting me to come join poet's rally. I was overwhelmed. I realized that somebody cared. Somebody was reading what I had written. I had reached my goal and somebody had read what I had written and liked it enough to invite me to be a part of something. I had always liked my poetry, but I didn't think that anyone else would really care about it, so I usually kept it to myself. I was blown away and immediately joined. That really gave me the inspiration to keep going, I had a reason to blog. I had a purpose! It excited me, and I've kept blogging because I have fallen in love with it, and I have Jingle to 'blame.'

Your first poem? Remember?

I have looked at this question for three days now, and I don't think there is any possible way that I could remember my first poem. If I call my mom, she may know, but until then, I'll just say that I've been writing poetry sense I was 5, and that was before my memory will permit me to search and discover which exact poem came first.

What are your writing inspirations?

My family inspires me a lot. My mom was a British Literature major, so she kept me and my brother and sister well educated from the womb, and a lot of my Language Arts education and passion came from her, I'm really thankful for all that she exposed me to. My brother and sister are amazingly talented poets and I am constantly inspired by the work that they are able to produce. If I could write a poem half as good as my brother or my sister, my life would be complete. Ever since I have joined JP, I have discovered many new writers that have really inspired me. K. Shawn Edgar, and Jamie Dedes are two that I know by name, but many more I have visited and fallen in love with their blogs, and I hope to know and read more of them in the future. My Dead Poet Inspirations are Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe, the two most excellent wordsmiths in the history of the world! Both are a bit morbid, but I do not like them for their views on death and I don't identify with their depression, so nobody worry about me. It is the way that Edgar Allen Poe can make words into perfection. There is none more flawless poetry than that which comes from the pen of Poe. It is next to godliness in it’s perfection. No man or woman can come close to touching the utter faultlessness of his every work. The rhyme and meter counted with precision. Each rhyme so impossibly impeccable. It is my dream to be able to make beauty such as he.  Emily Dickinson was also a marvelous character. She never asked to be recognized and often stayed in her room, writing for the pleasure of writing, because she could, not because it paid or because she wanted to please others. She also did such cute things in her poems. The Dickinson almost-rhyme that only she can truly pull off. Rhymes that seemed very nonsense-ey but were filled with meaning. She is a woman worth admiring, and her work is just as worthy. Those are some of my poetry heroes and heroines. I guess it sounds a bit cheesy and melodramatic, all I'm writing about them. Now that I reread that, it sounds like I am writing a paper for an American Literature class… but you must forgive me, I truly do have crushes that bad on my inspirations, and it is very late at night, and I just accidentally minorly electrocuted myself, so things are starting not to make sense.

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

Well, I've been writing poetry since I could pick up a pen! Poetry has always been the easiest mode of thinking and communicating for me. My first published poem was one called "Friendship" that I wrote in 3rd grade and was published in the "Celebration of Young Poets North and South Carolina," Which is a book that is published each year after kids from the age of 1st to 8th grade submit poems and some are chosen to be published in this book with varying degrees of awards and honors and prizes. I still have my copy of the book on my top shelf! The poem I wrote wasn't very good, but I guess it is what I could expect from 7-year-old me. I guess I wrote a couple of fiction stories when I was (a lot) younger, but mostly, I just talk a lot without saying anything. I tried to write a play this past year, but it didn't really go anywhere. I was excited about it for a while, but I really lost inspiration and I don't think anyone would ever preform it.

Do you have a favorite author or poet?

Yes. Edgar Allen Poe. Closely followed by Emily Dickinson, closely followed by Salvador Espriu. There are a lot more, but I have already spoken my fair share and I have a few more to go.

Favorite quote?

"I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity"--Edgar Allen Poe

Any advice to poets who wish to start their own poetry community or blogging community?

 Don't be afraid of people who you think are going to hate you and your work. Don't think that no one will care or read it. I had these thoughts as I was starting my blog, and now, people read it! I have my off days where there are no hits, but most days, I get quite a few! The people who hate my blog either don't read it or don't write comments saying they hate it. So just go for it! Nobody is stopping you except you!  Nobody is going to hate you if you do it, only if you don't.

PS: This is such a honor to represent a promising poet, Life in Verse here at Jingle Poetry Community Garden Home, her thoughts are innocent, sweet, and apt...reading her is a great pleasure...Please feel free to read her talent via her blog below::

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Poem of the Week 40: Helen Rice Obama

Hello, Hope that this Saturday goes well with you, we have poem of the week 40 ready, my choice is  Helen Rice Obama

 I am an exile Then  by Helen Rice Obama

I am an exile then, some other land
beneath another sun must have been mine.
I speak a new language and clasp your hand,
I taste the grapes from your vine,
They are sour, bitter to my mouth,
I don't enjoy such,
missing home, both north and south!
I prefer my own kind of fruit,
peaches or oranges are sweet and good,
I dwell on words that's soft
with friends and eyes,
gentle and aloft.

Happy Writing!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Blog Review - Week 40 - JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD

Today we will be taking a look at Almas Kiran Shamim’s blog JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD.  Almas’ blog has been up since August 2007 and started posting more frequently as time progressed.  The top has different pages to select from, including a Disclaimer that I thought was rather funny, but sincere.  On the right side there is a panel with other blogs that belong to Almas, as well.  For easy navigation, directly under this list of blogs Almas has an archive and list of things she talks about. The colour scheme and visual aspects of the blog do a nice job of being welcoming and encourage the reader to want to stay and look around.  The blog has a nice over all lay out.   

Not every single post on her blog are poems, but the ones that are are very nicely written.  It has been a while since she has gotten a new post on her blog but she is actively participating in Jingle Poetry.  The poem that she submitted to the Poetry Picnic this week happens to be the latest poem she has written and one of the ones I liked best.  The poem is called Nature Speaks...

I hope you enjoyed Almas’ blog as much as  I did and congrats to Almas for five years for your blog.  
~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poetry Form Week 40: Tanka

The inbox Tanka By Edwin @Home

The inbox of life
Is never truly empty
Learn to transcend it
Or it will smother your mind
With endless endless spamming.

Tanka: 5 7 5 7 7

Monday, November 5, 2012

JP @ Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 40: Milky Way, Stars, Moon, Seasons, and Sunset!

Greetings! Welcome to Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 40,
This is Helen Obama  welcoming You  to the first poetry picnic in November Here!

You have done absolutely beautiful Job on week 39, 
I am thrilled to see you share and invite you for another week's fun!

As you know, for week 40, We have theme Milky Way, Stars, Moon, Seasons, and Sunset, do you have poems touching such topics? Share, old poems are welcome, or read our samples, do a research on topics provided, post and share…

Bareback on Moonbeams by  Misky

Fold this creamed moon with affection,
your clouded smile shrouds  lakes,
coaxing the huntsman to harness
moonbeams and chase nightfall across my
dreams like skipping stones teasing water.
And tonight he comes for me.
He rides moonbeams bareback in pursuit
of my fallow heart, the huntsman gathering
up my leaden sorrows and stealing them
away into the soft pleats of the night.
And tonight he comes for me.
Be gone this devouring weakness
and cold tears that scald and roll.
Be lost into the hollows of night,
and carry my fragile heart away
with the huntsman’s celestial kiss.

Eeyore Furore By Edwin @Home

We are downhill freewheeling
Everything is going right
The universe is happy feeling
We're pushing an open door tonight

Effortless like a tiger's jump
We are coming up trumps
Right until the moment when
It all comes crashing down again

Lycaon of the Lower East Side by Steven Marty Grant  

Full moon Friday calls:
The promise of night
cloaks the travertine
and glass temples of man.
Silhouettes shape-shift
beyond streetlight glare
and gather in the shadows.
I am the seventh son;
dark ruler of alphabet city,
hungry in the lunar phase.

Satisfaction struts
in 4 inch heels
down Bleecker Street,
Chanel marinade
follows the footfall.
I watch with amber eye
and hold my tongue
behind eager teeth.

Tonight she will be my love,
and I will finally sleep--
safe from Aconitum dawn.

Nutty Limerick by Madeleine Begun Kane

A man who was rather a nut
Held a broad definition of smut:
With standards unbending,
He’d freak when attending
A film, often shouting out “Cut!”

Stout by NTXHaiku

Rich rusted leaves cling
The last to tumble to earth
Sturdy stout old oaks

Dreaming of Shadows by Robin Elizabeth

Shadows lurked above as
she felt her chest tighten.
Fear     paranoia     sheer terror.
The long fingers of the trees
reached down at her
threatening to tear at her
and pull
She gasped for air as her skirt
caught on a bush
hiding behind one of the trees
still reaching out for her.
Tears in her eyes as she realized
this was a dream.
She looked out her bedroom window
at the old decaying tree.
It couldn’t come to life.
                                  Could it?

disappoints, not by

it’s why i’m a writer
because life is in balance
a seesaw, tipping
i see life through a lens
that looks for what’s interspersed
as opposites
each sting
has a petal
i can hear what you see
when i am grateful
to be alive
behind the eyes of a thinker
who disappoints, not
because there is a balance
and the thought of a dream
behind a barrier
cannot exist unless
you see it
© r.e.l. 10/31/12

How to Share My Poetry?

Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog.

Weekly or Regular poetry collection starts on Mondays, at 10:00 am (CDT), and will stay open till  Sunday, 11:00 pm (CDT), almost an entire week for you to share your poetry with us...

Upcoming Next Week!!

For Week 41, we will have theme Tornados,  Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Volcanos, and Unexpected Losses in Life.

It is a time to think about these natural disasters, how their impacts on us
inspire our poetry writing 
And what we can do to help or heal the wounds.., that's next week!

H-A-P-P-Y P-O-E-T-R-Y P-I-C-N-I-C!

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