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Poetry Picnic Week 38: No Prompt, But Honoring Our Best Collection of Week 3 Hosted By Morning....Read, Think, Write, and Smile! See You In July, Dear Supporters! Take Good Care, I Will Miss YA!!!!!! :)

Jingle Poetry Community founded by Jingle Yanqui or Jiyan

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Foaming Froth by  Sina  

Edible or not;
I’m your hazel affogato

Drinkable or hot;
I’m your caramel macchiato

You will gulp me up one day
To that very final drop

You will drink me up baby
Till you’re down with me on top

I’ll squeeze you like a plum
You’ll juice up off my palm

I’ll hold you up inside
You’ll beg for going down

But you wouldn’t have a clue
All I’d do; only to you

Till you lay it, take it off
All, except your evil side

Then we’ll cook some,
Bake some love

We’ll devour it while it’s hot
don’t wipe it off your mouth

All that froth, that foaming froth;
That froths from falling down…

He Never Had A Chance by ZQ

“…All we are saying

Is give peace a chance.” John Lennon
Twelve devils dancing on a pinhead
Twirling, almost falling,
Catching each other In sizzling embrace.
Winking, hooting, and hollering
Celebrating the death of peace;
An un-precedent disgrace.
Needle threading cloth
A suture for a dress
In and out, out and in.
A thimble on the thumb;
A thimble on the index.
Another unforgiving tear,
Another uncompromising disgrace,
Peace, should have been naked,
At best.
Where is the catcher in the rye?
Suicide bombers!
Soft targets!
Murder of children!
Children murder parents!
Prophets poison followers!
Followers assassinate prophets!
Where are the angels and cherubims?
Where is the Lord of the dance?
Where is John Lennon?

Happy Sunday, Glad To Give You Feedback on what Ji has done
over the past 2.6 years, she started from 0 on 11/28/2009, established herself 
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Jingle has Ji in IT, she loves all of you, 
the same way she is honest and loves her family, not only 
she is the first woman who started online poetry community 
via  blog Jingle in 2010, but also she is the best or most devoted 
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Right now, with Morning, Taylor Boomer supporting, 
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Unusual Acquaintance by Alex Dissing  

On a highway day drive in April, I befriended a June bug.
We got off to a tumultuous beginning:
I flicked him out the car window, but he stuck around.
I tested him, he responded, I respected.
He calmly clung to the review mirror,
and we began to reveal a bit about our pasts.
He said his kind gets a bad rap, are considered pests,
but they don’t seem that bad to me.
He said he had a bad batch with his woman, needed a new start.
“I’m glad you’re headed somewhere else,” he said,
“because that’s exactly where I’m headed.”
He mentioned something about the crows being thick in these parts,
and I took that as one of the reasons he wanted out.
“I don’t mean to be frank, but did the crows grub on your grubs?” I asked.
He said yes, that his woman didn’t trust him anymore because he couldn’t protect.
“How can I fend off a crow?” he helplessly wondered aloud. “It’s beyond my control.”
“It’s beyond your control.”
He told me his name was Jim.
Jim the June bug… has quite the jingle.
He kept the conversation moving along;
he was a quick witted little fellow.
“I only have a year to live,” he said. “I don’t have the time to waste any of mine.”
I asked him what his plans were. He said he was just winging it.
We went along for a while – at least a mile – in silence.
It was the comfortable kind of silence, though,
the kind only two true friends could enjoy.
“Well,” he said, “this is it. This feels like it. I’ll be going.”
I wished him the best of luck. He did the same to me.
With a flick of his wings he was gone. Glenn H. Curtiss* would be proud.
Come to think of it, I was proud of him, too.
I hoped his new start was the right one.
And I hoped the crows were a little less dense.

Blue Blood by Blue Blood- (RoHiT Iyer)  

With an ocean in my eyes and a dagger in my heart,
I wake up only to see water and blood fuse into art.
If only I could shoot a beam of messages into the sky
They haven't taken me yet and I need to know why?

This is not the place to be. It's alien to me just as I am to it
Killing my thoughts every now and then, just bit by bit.
This realm, your home feels like a prison called Earth
None here to comprehend, to walk, there's a dearth.

Traversing my way through the labyrinth of emotions,
I'm the unwary adventurer, unaware of the solutions.
My losing grip only helps my agony get more poignant.
Yes, I see it all. I have endured, but now I am spent.

I wish to be a kaleidoscopic friend, always with, always there
A part of your emotions, a part of your life, Just without glare.
I know all your eyes only see the boorish me, not me from within
Amidst the hacienda of all your human treachery, all my head does is spin.

I have you in my garret, high there, full of respect and never ending gratitude
Safe and free, just like yesterday, all your liberty turns into scorning attitude.
I won’t ask you to change. I won’t ask you to adjust. It’s me who’s petrified
I might seem complex but for all you do not know, I’m just countrified.

Check Out Jiyan’s /jingle Yanqui's Other Online Writing Challenge Prompt 
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Bluebell Books Community Blog (5/1/2011 – July 2, 2012)
short story slams....

Humor Prompt:

Promising Poets Poetry Café

Jingle and Jingle Via Aya Wilson
Mozilla Firefox Poetry  AT  Promising Poets Parking Lot


If I feel well,
I have to F-E-E-L. . .
these transitory ills
are not what’s real. . .
but they defend
a trench
that guards
the deeper,
older circumstance
that’s very hard
to strive against
and still keep up the fine façade,
a normal life to live. . .
Give up that trench!
Give up those ills!
Charge with a bayonet

against the much too much accrued
internal landfills,
rich litter
of a battery of age-old hurts,
a litany of bound-up anger spurts,
an agony of blown-up, twisted fears. . .
Be brave
enough the open field to take–
part white flag
and part handshake,
A lasting peace that,
being on untested ground,
from time to time, is bound
to waver. . .
but, in the calms between the storms,
Take advantage!
The panoramic field is
mine to dance,
to navigate,
a deft, dynamic balance
to create–
new, happy freedom so to savor. . .

Meet The Poet Sunday Week 38: Ms. Peaches

Get to know more about our fellow wonderful poet and his/her work right here @
Jingle Poetry @ Olive Garden!!

Welcome to the wonderful Sunday Morning at JiPo@OlGa. It's time to brush shoulders with the poetic talent, I mean, Now...It's time to Meet The Poet!

Ms. Peaches

Will you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m an extremely passionate person. I love to sing, write and I’m an avid reader. I’m very passionate about the legal profession and hope to one day advance from my career as a paralegal. I love working in the community and dream to have my own girls’ home. I also love to cook.

Please tell us about your blog, and what it means to you.

Peach Pit Propaganda is mostly poetry but here and there you’ll find journal like entries and guest blog postings and sometimes just randomness. My blog is a good depiction of the many passions I sometimes FEEL.

You can find Ms. Peaches blog here:

Can you remember writing your first poem? Can you tell us a little about it?

Yes I can – but I only remember that it was in grade school and that it was a haiku we had just learned about them and I was very excited.

Will you give us some insight into your style of writing, or the style/form you prefer.

I’m not so sure that I necessarily have a particular style of writing that I prefer…I write what I feel—If I’m passionate about it then I can express it with a “natural” flow – so to speak- I do like for my poems to be rhythmic though—it just makes me feel good inside and creates a melody of words.

Are there any styles of poetry you find difficult or annoying, and why?

I’m not so great at haiku’s they are just weird to me – I’m never sure if I’ve done it right.

Do you write more than just poetry?

Yes, I write songs too – not in music form. Though one day I’d like to know how to write actual music and I aspire to write a book or two.

What poem, written by you, do you like the most, and why?

“Finding Love” because it’s about love and every word that I used is either a synonym or definition/description of a synonym and the rhythm is just beautiful and in tune with the emotion I was trying to express.
Finding Love

It’s the adoration, the adulation
the pure appreciation, the amorous
allegiance, oh, it’s truly a weakness,
as this affection, this infatuation
this regard that makes
it wild for the tenderness,
the zeal, the sensations,
of devotion, the inclination,
to the fondness, that it’s
rapture relishes in, to
respect this fidelity,
to be so real, in delight, all the
passion it feels, it’s ardency
amity, its affection to the
sentiment, that is profoundly
tender to me
it’s a feeling of warm deep affection
that I need, it’s a requirement for
an intensely amorous incident to occur
to embrace or lock it in with
a kiss, it’s more than just a wish
it’s not just a passion with strong desire
but an affectionate concern to
never, not ever, to no extent
not even 2 a degree, absolutely be…
just understand it
for it’s fact, yes it’s true
not just something to apprehend clearly
let it be with certainty
Fixed in your mind let it create
a memory, with a need to be seen
because its no longer possessed or
retained to be led astray, maybe
turned away, bewildered to place
around not even a familiar face,
it missed the way, but here I’ll stay…
waiting for love to be…

Do you have a favorite poet?

It’s always hard for me to say I have favorites…I love Maya Angelou and Ntozake Shange.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is the 1969 autobiography about Maya Angelou's early years that is referred to as a coming-of-age story that illustrates how strength of character and a love of literature can help overcome racism and trauma. What specifically in the work do you identify with and why?

I was able to feel her complete vulnerability and resilience -there was just so much strength despite the atrocity she experienced. While I don't share the same story as she does I share the strength from going through many trials and tribulations of my own as a child.

Ntozake Shange is the American and playwright and poet best known for the play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow isn't Enuf. There has been a lot of talk about the screen adaptation of her work and the ability of film to capture its true essence. Have you seen the film and what do you think of translating works from one medium to another?

Yes, I have and I think that Tyler Perry did a wonderful job staying true to the essence of the original collection of poems. The movie was just as powerful as each poem in it's individual right - the only thing that didn't come across as strongly as maybe the original work is which color each woman is depicting. You know for sure the colors of two of the woman but you are left guessing on the rest. While in the play it's apparent which color belongs to whom.

Do you have any mentors?

No, I don’t.

Do you have a favorite place to write? Are there certain emotions that inspire or trigger writing?

Any emotion that I feel to one extreme or another inspires me…meaning if I’m feeling really happy, sad, hurt, etc. it makes me want to write to get the feelings out. Music also inspires me to write.

What is your favorite type of music?

I’m inevitably a Jazzy-R&B-Gospel driven kinda chick. If I can sing it I can love it.

Your favorite book?

Maya Angelou- I know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you or your writing?

No I don’t.

Any other creative passions?

I sing and praise dance and cooking if that can be considered creative.

If you could have dinner with any famous deceased person, who would it be, and where would you dine?

Harriet Tubman—I would cook for her.

Now, the final three "trademark" questions...If you had your own band:

What would it be called? I do have a band – it’s called PhorseField BLACK – pronounced Horse not force

What would be the title of the first album? “OuRevolution…STOP the press”

What would the title of the first single be? “Age of Aquarius” (already produced)