About Us

Welcome to Jingle Poetry
At Olive Garden

An Italian Poetry Cafe For Poets Who Share and Get Inspired...

This blog will start its operation officially on August 18, 2011.

Up to 12 positions are here to serve you, a fellow poet, who are either previous supporters of Thursday Poets Rally, or Jingle Poetry Community, can take a leadership role in this new garden room.


Community Consultant: Morning

Thursday Poetry forms: CC Champagne

Friday Poetry Blog Reviews: Chim's World of Literature / Robin Elizabeth

Saturday Poem of The Week: UmaAnandane / Poetic Ocean

Sunday Poetic Reflections: Helen Obama

Monday Poetry Picnic: Taylor Kong Boomer /Iris Murphy

Tech Support: A.B. Thomas/Riika

Activities of Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden

Mondays: Poetry Picnic

An official will  host Monday’s Poetry Picnic, besides writing and sharing a theme fitting poem, poets are allowed to link in 1 to 3 poems random poems and feel free to read and comment other poets as many as possible, no specific requirement on how many comments they need to make. Our goal is to share and get inspirations via reading others.

Thursdays: Poetic Forms

One  official will introduce you to one of the poetry forms in her/his post weekly, and you are encouraged to try it out, share with poetry potluck next week. No prompt for this particular feature. We try to help you learn to write more challenging pieces.
Fridays: Poetry Blog Reviews

One  official will represent a poetry blog, highlighting the content, design, and styles of the blog to our readers/followers.

Saturdays: Poem of The Week

One of the Saturday Officials will select a poem from Monday’s poetry picnic collections to share with our audiences.

Sundays: Poetic Reflections

Officials conduct interviews with supportive or inspiring poets to share with you, it is similar to meet the poet interview…


Morning is the community consultant who is here to answer questions via emails, and recruit fresh poets to our extended community. LifeinVerse will be assisting her in the consulting as well, so feel free to contact them if you have any questions.
Official emails: jinglepoetry@gmail.com

We hope that you have a wonderful time with us at Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden, Please feel free to join us by signing in to follow our blog, and participate in our weekly poetry picnic, let's have fun together with poetry and friends!

 All rights are copyrighted by Jingle Poetry Community