Sunday, October 16, 2011

Poetic Reflections - Week 9

Welcome to Poetic Reflections at The Gooseberry Garden. I am Blaga and it's a pleasure to introduce you the talented lady from
Eclipse of the Moon- "full-time dreamer on the path through reality".

* Moon *

While the moonlight seduced the lake
with its rays of silver in a midsummer night
and our hands, in a search for solace,
found one another, we knew.

Our steps, already determined,
took a walk across the illusion for the last time.
The silence talked loudly to our hearts,
caressing our tired souls.
The lake whispered behind our merged shadows,
taking away all doubts about the path we were on.

In our midsummer night,

the moon over our town was full and smiled.
He kept on illuminating our way
while he himself slowly fell in love with the lake


Tell me about yourself?

I was born in Croatia but I live in Sweden for 20 years now. Poetry and painting are two of my biggest passions. What else to say about myself.... I couldn't agree more with some of Goethe's wise words about the subject: "I do not know myself, and God forbid that I should." Whether it is good or not I found that true many times. So I guess I'm still learning :)

Tell me about your blog, about the name and what it means to you? When did you start blogging?

I have always been fascinated by the Universe and various phenomenon out there, hurricanes, eclipses, I chose Eclipse. I liked the word. I started blogging back in 2005 I think and it was only for fun. My blog was a kind of quote collection, mostly about the Universe and such. Although I wrote poems ever since my youth, poetry, as a part of my blog came a bit later.

What draws you to express yourself through poetry? Where do you find inspirations from?

When I was a child, my father always used to say things through the words of poets and it got stuck somehow. I guess I'm addicted to beautiful words, so maybe that's why... Inspiration is really everywhere. It all about noticing... Everything that happens - the good and the bad can be a source I guess. Much of it came along with some not so lovely events in my life so my poetry became a sort of vent... Since I joined WordPress I've been part of some great sites, like this one, which offer inspiration in many forms. It's a wonderful thing, encouraging many to continue writing and really find inspiration every day.

When did you first write a poem? Do you remember it?

My first poem was written back in 1979 and I still have it. It is saved within my very first poetry collection which wasn't originally written in English. (I can try to translate it here)



Somewhere from the darkness, a light emerged.

At first pale, then all the clearer.

Sorrow played in the background.

The night was pure silence.

White light, tiny blue circles around it.

And it seemed like a part of the sky sparkled with glitter

radiating a blue tenderness.

But all of it was just a firefly.

Is there a style of writing that you prefer?

I like free verse. It leaves more room for the thought expression. I have tried rhyme and other styles but these are seldom a part of my writing. If I had to mention one of them that I like, then it would be Haiku. I was always amazed how much it can be said with only a few words.

Favorite poem you've written?

Oh, I don't know. I guess I don't have favourites among my own work... Maybe one of them though - "Love Is A Child", because of some sentimental reasons...

Love is a child

left on the bench of silence
behind us
forgotten upon the path
of everyday

It still waits
somewhere alone
and maybe wonder
as an lost child
not knowing where to go
among the strange people

Once upon the time
it had a smile on its lips
it had sparkles in the eyes
Along with tears
they both rolled
down the cheek
The emptiness within
became a place
dedicated to the power of fear

Left on the bench of silence
love has to endure
Just as a child
it has to pass through
the deceptive illusion
of one bad dream

Favorite books? Authors?

They are many, I like various genres too. In poetry - definitely Wilde, Frost, Byron...just to name some.

Do you think that an interactions with strangers/ people you meet in the blogging world/ is a meaningful part of your creative vision?

Oh, yes it is. It is always a pleasure to read the work of other people. I've met a lot of interesting and talented poets here in the cyber world. We can all learn from each other.

Any advice for people involved with poetry even not professionally, what do you think is important for them to appreciate and follow?

Just write out your heart :)

* * * * *

* Within A Branch Of Jasmine *

the full moon smiled through the marble mirror of our lake
at our very first night.
The summer ripened within a branch of jasmine,
behind an ordinary fence, in one ordinary yard.
Yet, it was magic going on there at midnight.
In my world – way too late.

My life, an useless try of explaining the delay to my impatient soul,
in a denial of feelings for my greedy heart.
Then, all the sudden an another riddle.
How to explain a mess of emotions to them both now?
To them, not accustomed to happiness,
to them trained to live in a poorness of senses.

the full moon held the answer that night
and calmed the eagerness of one hunger.
It is captured forever in a scent of jasmine
within the heart of our home town.

* * * * *

That would be all for today dear Garden readers. Visit "Eclipse of the moon" and enjoy some more lovely poetry- link HERE. Happy Sunday everyone! Peace & Love ...


Anonymous said...

I’m not an expert when it comes to this. Didn’t even know this was possible. Useful read, appreciate your posting this.

The Poet said...

I love Eclipse's poetry & visit her as often as I can. She writes with much heartfelt emotion.

Awesome pick!

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Great choice, Blaga! I have been following Eclipse for awhile ... enjoyed the interview. Congrats, Eclipse!! Well deserved recognition! :-)

Anonymous said...

Eclipse of the Moon is a rather exquisite writer of poetry and I have always enjoyed her work.

Also her partner Stefan 'The Dead Poet' is equally a wondrously excellent writer with a vast amount of talent, and therefore I would encourage anyone reading this comment to venture into both of their worlds of poetry, as that will be a very rewarding experience...


Martin said...

"Write out your heart" - that's it!