Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday Poetry Blog Review Week 8 - June Butterfly

Today I have decided to review June Butterfly’s blog “This Is Me!!” I would first like to say that I thought the theme the physical form of the blog takes. It is beautiful and feels full of emotion, and that’s before you even get to read the posts. June Butterfly has been posting on her blog since November of 2009. Her poem, The Wait!!! was a very emotion fillled and beautiful, I loved reading it. 

“Behind the smile,sadness dwells.
An empty soul that can not find its rest.
Behind the strength,weakness dwells.
A heart that seeks to find love at its best.

I've given love with utmost selflessness.
I guess I even made the angels restless.
But in the end I find myself defenseless.
To life's realities that bringforth loneliness.

With every hello and every goodbye a pain remains.
Like a dark shadow it fills my soul with emptiness.
But with hope and faith my heart longingly waits.
For that one love that will pull me out of this nothingness.”

I like the rhyming pattern she used in this poem and the capture of emotions. This is one of her most recent poems. Another of her more recent poems that I thought was entirely cute in the beginning and entirely true through out is My Turtle Saviour!!!

Over all the blog is well put together and the poems are well structured and written with great emotion. They are very good at capturing aspects that I think anyone could relate to. I encourage any one to read this blog as it is a great example of poetry and the pictures that she puts along with them are well related and capturing too. I hope to see more by June Butterfly in the future.

~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)


Unknown said...

what a surprise,

I am glad that you like her poetry.
she is very supportive.

WonderWall said...

I really liked your post!! Poem is very creatively sketched..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Unknowngnome said...

Congratulations June_B! Keep postin'.

Nice job on the review Robin. :)