Monday, January 14, 2019

a happy birthday greeting to poets rally week 89, 9 is magical at hyde park with jingle

Hyde Park Poetry Thursday Poets Rally Week 89, Pittsburg, Detroit, Frankford, Orlando, Lawrence, New York, Silicon Valley, etc.  

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A Walk Around Nutrition Factors Project Number One   the first project at thursday poets rally is pat mather gordon brown ceton, which features almost 200 poems by poets at large, from more than 100 nations

Thursday, January 3, 2019

poetry picnic week 48, new year special (happy 2019): January, Spring, Wishes, and Refreshed Faith

Welcome to Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden

An Italian Poetry Cafe For Poets Who Share and Get Inspired...

This blog has started its operation officially on August 18, 2011.

we have had Up to 12 positions are here to serve you, a fellow poet, who are either previous supporters of Thursday Poets Rally, or Jingle Poetry Community, can take a leadership role in this new garden room. we are on the run for 8th year on August 18, 2019, and we have been on a phrase
which makes us think of better terms: prayers, meditation, high tech, spelling bees, and world peace
through poetry picnics in any where, anytime, and any subject...

charming poets from our place all
carry our spirit, spending lots of time keeping our poems well formed until today

Peace Under the Ice and Fire Moon

In the night of darkness
the breeze of ice and fire blew by
A lullaby was heard in form of waves
I should sleep with peace for

Loose Change

I turned over a new leaf
Which was attached to a branch
Linked to a trunk
Rooted in the ground
The cold dark earth
The warm light earth
Where used to reside the roots
Linked to a trunk
Attached to a branch
That held a leaf
Which turned me under
When you don't know
where your story's going
because you don't know where
your life is going.....


Keep going.
Go with the
flow or go against the grain
but, go.
There is healing in movement.
Move loudly in protest
or move slowly in silence
but be
moved. To tears,
to action,
to goodness,
and on toward necessary change.
You worry
you're wandering.
but steps mean trust and the path is hidden only from your weak eyes.
Strain, seek. It will one day be made plain.