Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Blog Review - Morning - Week 10

Today I came across a blog called Morning. The blog looks very crisp and clean and is easy to navigate. The author of the blog goes by Morning, but that is all I can find about the author, other than her amazing stories and poems that she posts on her blog.

One of the stories on her blog is called “A Short Story in 55 Words.” It is a very poetic style story and flows very nicely. The picture that accompanies makes it feel all the more real. The emotions and events captured in such a small amount of words is honestly amazing.

Morning writes lots of different of styles of poems and stories on her blog, and from the looks of it she participates in lots of different story and poem events on the web. One of these being Magpie Tales which she made a brilliant piece for.

Morning has had her blog up since October 2010 and has only gotten better since. I hope to see more of her writing soon and I suggest her blog to anyone looking for an interesting and brilliant read.

~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...
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Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...


how sweet, Thanks for discovering Morning.

Morning said...

a surprise, Robin.


Maggie said...

She's on the official list. LOL.

Yeah, can't imagine who it could be. Nice blog, though.

Unknown said...

Some bloggers blog for personal life, most of us blog for creativity,

Thus, it does not matter who is who,

thanks for the comment, Thingy.

Unknown said...

Robin, I admire you for representing blogs where writing is the major reason you wish to showcase, not the blogger's personality or background.

outstanding Job.

keep it up,