Sunday, December 10, 2017

JP@ Olive Garden Merry Christmas Special, Happy Dog Year, Merry Christmas of Roosters, poetry picnic week 46

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

8/18/2011 to 8/18/2017, six years and 54 days on 10/12/2017, we remember our poetry picnic and sea bell joy


Denver mint, it is a place printing money bills


washington state university at pullman, Washington state is good friend to jngle poetry @olive garden


the oread, a hotel stone house for visitors to University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS



Re: 9/11/2010 ----9/11/2017, new york city twin tower is remembered, we appreciate George bush, and Barack obama, including bill clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Melania Trump for the silent
prayers to those who fight for lives..peace is our theme, freedom is our core values


Saturday, May 6, 2017

World Peace Year Sixth, counting from 2012, to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are going strong and profound


Streetart By ICY & SOT (Iran)

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A poem on world peace by robin  tag here à


to be protected
darkened sun speaking … through what hides … deep in its cocoon
but to risk your heart opening, oh simple soul, will change your life
hold the belief of you … to be protected .. to be loved

Gusher by Timothy, tag here  à


You think this is all
but even slot machines
are programmed
to spill their guts
at predetermined intervals...

the only truly random thing

is the poet
and his muse
and when that gusher
may be gettin' ready to blow

so stand back

ladies and gentlemen
because there's one now
(you can spot him by that
 tormented look in his eye)

as we move within range

it's advised that you prudently
cover your heads

we have pith helmets for sale

in the gift shop

 Try to comprehend another talented poet here, à

To Serve Mind

All that goes past
Each day kills
The true idea
Of human

Of mind, not
In learning
But in

To go against
The concept
Of normalcy
Allows for
Truth of being

Suffering the
Lash of the sheep
Builds the human
Of future time

Fear not ridicule
Destroying the
Control within
Comes from rebirth

Whether in
Life or the

Finally, a poem on war and peace by kez sherphard, tag here à

I see yet another scene,
War, war the goggle box screams
Wars on streets, kids fighting back,
All for their solution, a joint or some crack,
This is not Utopia,
Responsibility is their myopia!   

War, War The government screams,
Send our boys to fight an opposing regime,
To help their brothers whose rights are denied,
Yet there will be casualties affecting both sides,
This is not a bad dream,
Communication should reign supreme!

War, war being fought in my nation’s name,
The heavy burden which just causes shame,
Kids fighting in and on our streets,
Parents guidance diluted, empty, deplete!
This is not a mummy state,
Nurturing should be innate!

People power can create peace,
Peace in one’s mind, 
Is a peace of some kind, 
Peace on this earth,  
Would need a rebirth, 
For all of humanity,
To restore balance,
Hope and a sense of sanity! 

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Image result for world peace  Melta World Peace, he is a basketball player

Image result for world peace  Donald Prytania Trump thumbs up for World Peace 
Month by Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden Wilbur-row Jacopin May-Carter 

Image result for world peace  William Pence Tuttle, he is a faithful world peace maker under Jesus

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UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan discuss current trends in Syria with Hillary Clinton

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