Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Poetry Blog Week 11 - IBEINGME

This week we spend some time in India & with celebrating Diwali in the hinduasm religion I have decided to visit a very familiar blogger I use to enjoy his work when he had the previous blog, he has moved to wordpress and his none other then, IAMBEINGME .

About Him
Its About Random People

I am seriously not somebody who gets comfortable with everyone. I am shy. (that’s what I think about me and because of some people I started not to care about others. My special thanks to my writing teacher Nimue who actually liked the idea and today itself she told me not to bother about what others will think about what I write) When I look at any stranger I have an opinion about him/her. It’s not basically about being sarcastic on somebody’s looks it’s actually about the moment in which they are and what they will be thinking. I will try to elaborate about them, may be I am not right in judging the moment.

It is that easy as you would take in the title, Just a guy being a guy almost liek what you see is what you get. This fellow has some great talent in his poetry, he dedicates most his poetry to past loves and just life like his own personal journal in poetry.

His Blog

Ibeingme ~ "trying to describe ME"

One thing we have in common, like me he loves his cricket, there is a tab on the top right where you can go and read his Cricket Dairy , I am sure even though we are from different countries, but India has amazing cricket players and the best team has won the current World Cup.

I like this poem that he wrote about the celebration of Diwali

When you light a candle this diwali

This diwali when you light a candle
capture the spark in your eye
let it twinkle through your life
like a star pasted in the sky.
When you light a candle this diwali
let the glow travel inwards too
through a thick yet warm air
To make you gleam and shine through.
When you light a candle this diwali
look in the eyes of the matchstick
see it smile through the flare
see it live in the candle’s wick.
When you light a candle this diwali
learn to burn a candle’s way
Glowing self, melting exterior
till the last breath is snatched away.

This poem has beautiful texture, the way it just gives that glow about the colorful celebration of this day.

Her Smile

Thinking of her smile
He captures in his journal
His dreams and desires.


I wanted to write a something today.
But I Can’t think of a anything to say.
instead of taking up your time with
humor, religion, Love or sorrow.
I say Good-bye for now.
and I hope my mind comes back tomorrow.

It was a great visit to have browse and read his blog after such a long time, from myself and iBeingMe we wish you a great week till next time I am Chimnese.

Worry about your character,
not your reputation because
your character is who you `
are & your reputation is
what people think you are


Morning said...

what a cute choice, Chimnese.


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

like it.


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

like it.


Pratibha said...

One of the best friends i have got and a real talented poet ! good post :)

Chim's World of Literature said...

i love his talent as well..

Pratibha said...

Hellos all,

Ibeingme is unable to login to blogs for some reason but he says a biiig thank you for this lovely post !

More from him when he is here later !!