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Poetic Reflection Week 20: on Bradley Peraino

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Bradley Peraino. I am 32 years old. I am married to a wonderful woman, Sara Lyn. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, where I spent my career flying unmanned drones.

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?

I have two blogs; poetry by Bradley Peraino is dedicated to my poetry. The second, the beginning of the end, is dedicated to a Zombie related short story which is in the process of becoming a series.

My blogs

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging earlier this year (2011).

Your first poem? Remember?

It was my eighth birthday and I was not happy. I had reached the morbid stage in life earlier than expected, I guess you could call it my "goth" period. I wrote a poem called "Death". It was pretty simple, which seems to be a pattern in my writing, short, and to the point. It's probably the poem that I am most proud of.

Death (November 8, 1987)

Death is to me like life is to you.
Death is to me like sky is to blue.
Death is to me like heat to a flame.
Death is to me but, you’re not to blame.
Death is to me like eyes are to see.
Always and forever, death is to me.

What are your writing inspirations?

The experience of life. I try to pull from all aspects of life; experiences, dreams, thoughts, observations, etc.

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

Poetry is in the eye of the beholder. I have poems that I find to be childish, immature, and even just plain bad but, I allow for all of my writing to be judged by each individual. You never know, one of those "bad" poems just might touch someone. Revision? I feel that no literary work is complete. There is always room for improvement.

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

I started writing on my 8th birthday. I started by writing poems but. have since begun to write short stories and I am interested in trying my pen at a novel.

Do you have a favorite author or poet?

My favorite poet would have to be Edgar Allen Poe. To be honest, I'm not sure why though, his words always seemed to 

Favorite Quote:

No bastard ever won a war vy dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard
die for his country. ~ Gen. George S. Patton.

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

The poetry world is a tough one. In order to survive as a poet, you have to help others survive. By helping one another, not only can we all advance our own poetic agendas but, we can help preserve the dying ( yet growing) art of poetry.

What's your plan for your future writing?

I don't try to plan. I have learned that with my writing, the least restrictive environment is the best one. So, I plan to write when inspiration flares and let it lead me where it may.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Poem of the Week ~ Fisherman's Luck ~by RoughWaterJohn The Pirate

Fisherman’s Luck   By                           
RoughWaterJohn  The Pirate
‘It's not the tool it seems, but the use that determines its potential.’ This is the unique philosophy as presented by Poet RoughWaterJohn  The Pirate. I found the theme exhibiting antiquated depth of historical references , the majestic creation , the adventurous roaming on the high seas, the thrill of hunting and the human essential desire in nature of possession, reflected superbly in the poetical lines Beautiful analogy of ‘hunt’ and ‘wit’ and charm’ exploited well with the symbols of fish and bait’ and  a possible comparison of ‘life’ in its joys  and  depressions, but there is hope at the end. A lovely poem to enjoy for this special week…

Though fish for love with hook of charm, and bait of Pirate ways
Colors bright and sleek of form, swims near but never stays
Limpid eyes of azure light, laugh and tease this soul
Swims quite near then darts away, leaves heart an ember’d coal
I sit and watch and laugh out loud, as swims in pretty schools
Through flick of fin and wink of eye, it seems all men are fools
I catch her eye and laugh again, she sees and understands
Through charm she holds me under sway, this Pirate’s in her hands
I change the bait and smile again, for hunt is test of skill
I settle back and share my wit, my poets words can thrill
Though sage of age to younger fish, with age comes wisdom’s bite
To steal away from ‘nother fish, there be no need for fight
Neither he nor Pirate me, have any clue to share
She shares her charms with both of us, with naught to do but stare
She tease us both to swim in school, of other pretty fish
Determined be so carry on, soon I’ll have this dish

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friday Blog Review ~ Week 21~ Pure2Core

This is one of our newest members to The Gooseberry Garden, and what an amazing poet with great insight.
I like the slogan on the blog, "It's not just the site ,this is an insight..."
I introduce this weeks blog review, Pure2Core.

The Author
(in the authors own words)

Poet in me

As much as I remember I started my journey of poetries, when I was studying Fifth standard.My first poetry was on Id- ul- fitr after my first introduction to Hindi in the V th std.I was appreciated by my Hindi Ma’m for writing poem and got a great applause at my class. I developed an intense love towards writing poetries by watching various poets reading out their poetries in DD channel (which used to be the only one channel aired then). My journey continued ….. I started writing poetries in English(though very few) and Tamil(which is my mother tongue) too…. I request you all to excuse me for any kind of language errors b’cos my aim is not to write a literary worthy poem but to vent out my heart’s immensely deep feelings…..

The Blog

This blog is very nice I like the background of it. The Tabs leads you directly to different categories on teh webblog. On the right hand side you will find the blog roll,recent post and welcoming place.

The Poetry

Journey of life

Unplanned journey (birth)

Followed by our foolish plans;(life)

Some coincides

Some goes off the line;

Some granted and

some gets banned;

 some heart’s contended _ others

unfilled thronging in vain;            

outward cries are heard

No peace or silence found;

When end is near for sure

knocking our door step _

Final full-stop

Final full-stop_

All our stupid plans

come to an end;(death)

No one wins or ever loses _

How strange are these

meaningless  plans _

got to get drowned

got to get drowned…………..

I am Chimnese and it was a pleasure to review this blog, click here I know you want too.

Thursday Poetry Forms (Poetry for Dummies) Week 20

Another week begins, even when the year is almost at an end, and I am CC Champagne here to try to help draw you some sort of a map over the impenetrable landscape that is poetry form.

Today is actually my birthday, and one of those big ones at that. I don't celebrate at this time of the year though, but prefer to have an official birthday in summer (if the English Queen can do it, so can I!) and can therefore be here to keep you company under the gooseberry bushes. Let's, however, try something reasonably short today so I can get back to the arduous celebration I have planned (including swimming with dolphins).

My best source for these posts is, as you may have noticed, Wikipedia, and I have stumbled upon a poetry form that I have actually not seen used. A Copla is a Spanish poetry form where the name quite simply means union or link. It consists of:
  • four stanzas of
  • four lines each and
  • no line is to be longer than eight syllables.
  • The rhyming pattern varies, but is typically in the romance meter where the even numbered lines (one, three etc) have a near rhyme (assonance) and the uneven numbered lines are unrhymed.
This form is said to be very common in the Spanish language, and was used by (among others) the influential Frederico Garcia Lorca. I will admit to not having tried this form myself, but perhaps you can provide me with some other examples?

As I head back to the enticing turquoise waves of the Caribbean and my date with the dolphins I would like to encourage you to share you poetry, coplas or any other forms, with us at the Poetry Picnic, which this week has the theme of Forgiveness, Gifts, Holiday Songs and Traditions. Or why not join in the Poets Rally 59 over at the Promising Poets Parking lot?

With this I bid you adieu for 2011 and hope to see you again in the wonderful New Year (which, if some are to be believed, means the end of the world according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar), with loads of new, weird and wonderful Poetry Forms, poems and inspiration! Gott Nytt År and Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 19: Forgiveness, Gift, Holiday Songs, and Traditions

Image Credit:

Dear Poetic Friends and Fans:

Seasons’ Greetings!

This is Morning, yeah, I am speaking as the community consultant to you, offering my most sincere thankfulness and appreciations to all of you who have been part of our growing community.

Thank you a million for your love, friendships, tolerance, forgiveness, and outstanding support. We cannot DO without YOU, our poetry picnic and presentations won’t look inspiring without the inputs of your submissions. And you know what, our time with you online and at Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry Community at the Gooseberry Garden is of the greatest GIFT to the growth and development of me, to our officials, and to any budding poets who try to write, share, and get encouraged. Keep those gem poetry coming our way, Smiles!

At this 19th week Poetry Picnic and last poetry party of 2011, I invite all of you to join us, share and get inspired. Today is December 25th,  it is Christmas Day, while you and your family spend time enjoying togetherness, or spreading love, please don’t hesitate taking some time get online, dig posts from your blog, or write something that have inspired you during the day and post it to share, with poetry as our core value, love, forgiveness, traditions, and holiday music as our theme this particular week, I'm sure you can find pleasure by extending your talent to your peers via this community poetry saga, let’s sing happy holiday songs  together, and march toward the year of 2012 as a united team…

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Looking Forward to reading you and seeing you be part of our party in the next few days…

Sincerely yours

A poor man’s rich Christmas by Bradley A. Peraino

Money’s kind of tight this year but, I have this to say;
there is no better Christmas gift than to be with you today.

There are no Christmas trees or lights that compare to what I see
when your light blue eyes and Christmas smile shine brightly back at me.

There is no need to deck the halls or make a Christmas list.
We don’t need to hang the mistletoe to share a Christmas kiss.

We don’t need a fancy dinner and a lot of company.
We don’t need to take a sleigh ride; all we need is you and me.

So, if this year isn’t picturesque; your forgiveness, I request.
Though, to me, as long as you are here, this Christmas is the best.

Morning Prayer by Steven Federle

In winter's stark dawning
in cold fog encased,
your warmth I'm discerning
though night will not fade,
for unwilling is morning
it lurks in sore limbs,
your song's arising
and I know that you'll send
to my darkest night-hour
new light to set me free
and your song I'll be singing
in the glow of the east!

Merry Christmas by WaystationOne


& play

cause fast forward happens
when you don't look

and the rewind button's
broke on this tape deck

but growing up, it was all about
the records, come Christmas,

pop & crack in Bing's voice
and on Christmas eve we'd
gather in tight in the back
room at uncles house and talk
to Santa on the hamm radio

feed the dog brussel sprouts
to clean our plate
cause that might determine
naughty or nice

& for one night just be
and be family

so tonight

& play

cause fast forward happens
when you don't look

and the rewind button's
broke, but bing he still sings,
though sometimes skips

h-h-h-Have yourself a merry
little christmas

Through the years
we all will be together
If the fates allow

And have yourself
a merry little Christmas now.

Power of Love by Victoria C. Slotto

Love is above all
energy kindling a fire
in the core of life.

Methods of Submission:

Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time! It would be super fantastically great if you could link back to us on your blog.

Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 2pm (CDT), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8pm (CDT), 78 hours for you to share your poetry with us..

Theme 4 Next Week!

For Week 20, we will have theme "Fairytales, My First TimeHope, and New Year’s Resolutions", Hope that you enjoy writing and polishing your writing skills under our theme. Cheers! That's Next Week!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poetic Reflection Week 19: Steven Federle

Tell us about yourself.

I am a teacher. I teach English and Literature to kids in grades 6-8 at a Catholic K-8 in Vallejo, CA, as well as college composition and critical thinking (literature) at Solano College in Farifield, CA. This means that I am constantly engaged by helping students of all ages to find their own, unique voices in written and verbal expression.

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?

The name is simple... just poems...that's all I write. It is important to me because I want to make my work available to as many readers as possible. It is also a place for me to college the poems (better than stakes of paper to gather dust).

My blog link:

When did you start blogging?

I started in 2010.

Your first poem? Remember?

That was a very long time ago. I wrote love poetry to my high school sweet-heart (we've been married now 38 years, so I guess it was effective). I wrote more political poetry in college (in the 70s) and, as I recall, imitated Yeats shamelessly.

What are your writing inspirations?

Nature, my everyday life (the people I love), my sense that God is all around me constantly... sometimes I start out to write on one topic and then the words take over and I wonder, at the end, where the poem came from. I write about baseball, cats, rain, wind, trees, fog... political outrages, Jesus... this list is not comprehensive.

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

I revise it constantly.. it usually starts out with three or four times the final word count.. I believe in concise writing (though you wouldn't know it by this rambling "interview").

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

As I mentioned before, I began writing in high school (1960s)... no, no fiction.

Do you have a favorite author or poet? Favorite quote?

Very, very many favorites...John Steinbeck, Thomas Merton, Billy Collins, Edna St.Vincent Milay (I wish I could have met her!)
" The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them."
Thomas Merton

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

Because this site is filled with people who just love to read and write poetry... who could ask for anything more?

What's your plan for your future writing?

I'll just write and post poem until, eventually, the metaphor becomes the reality and I will see God clearly, face-to-face (not in a hurry for that, though).

Poem of The Week~ Mirrored- The shadows of past~by Poet Raja Rajan

Famous Author Charles Dickens, in the opening to 'A Christmas Carol', says "But the wisdom of our ancestors is in the simile."While teaching classical poetry I found that many students expressed  a certain degree of fear and trepidation when asked to try to write a poem but when given writing models and guidelines, compositions which were unique, at times hilarious and funny but definitely creative, were produced. This maybe common where English is a second language, but writing poetry is a skill, an art, and a natural talent. One guideline was the task of ‘identifying similes’ used as a  poetic device’. This led  to the recognition of ‘figurative language’ employed by a writer to describe something in comparison going beyond the literal meaning. Figurative language’ though not meant to be interpreted in a word by word sense but used, to point out differences  in enough ways so that the similarities of objects compared became interesting, unique or effectively surprising as the following lines would entertain the reader in their simple description:
‘Overnight , snow had fallen covering the field like a large white blanket
brown patches here and there looking like a nutty fruitcake
 Developing poetical forms from simple to classic, figurative language merges into masterpieces  such as this exquisite haiku written by Poet  Raja Rajan from India. I would like to present ‘Mirrored –The Shadows of Past’ as Poem of The Week’
Mirrored- The Shadows of Past

Like a Zitherist,

Running vicious circles; the
Past Mirrored before me

Mirrored- The Shadows of Love and Memories
Part by fate, Met after
years; Love not lost.Mirrored
memories danced blind.

Read more poems by Raja Rajan at

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Friday Blog Review~ Week 19 ~ The Danforth Anchor

This week I am doing a review on a blog that I am sure most of you have browsed and read this author/bloggers work.
I introduce to you all, Elaine Danforth .

About The Author (in her own words)

I am no relation to the inventors of the actual Danforth Anchor, but on the day I put up my first post in this on-line publication, I learned a little about them.  They were yachtsmen from San Francisco, who designed the anchor to work well in the sandy floors common to the waters around here in the Bay Area. My name is Danforth, and like the Danforth Anchor, I was also born in San Francisco.
Though I am not a sailor, my writing anchors me as I “sail” through life, offering a respite from rough waters or just from having been sailing for too long at a stretch.  My hope is that you, my dear reader, will find something here that brings you a perspective that helps you take time out and check your bearings, so that you can move forward with greater vision and understanding in whatever direction you want to go.

Her Blog

The blog has such a peaceful serene type of welcoming, i think it's due to the template she has used from wordpress, the ocean always bring that comforting, calmness and I have notice this is what her poetry reflects as well.
You will find all recent post on the top right side, where you will also get her archives.Her poetry is all under categories giving the readers direction what poem they would want to read if they in some modd for love,sad, etc.

Her Poetry


Purpose can cut slow and smooth
like water wearing down rock
Or fast and rough, like metal hacking
or saw-toothing through wood,
Or invisibly, it can catch and push
like wind that fills and propels
a sail to drive a boat
from dock to sea
or sea to dock. . .
All as it’s meant to be
moving ahead for the good.

I am Chimnese and it was a pleasure to review this blog,click here I know you want too.
This is a short note from myself too wish all our members and officials that celebrate christmas a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Poetry Forms (Poetry for Dummies) Week 19

Mere days to go until Christmas and CC Champagne is back to try to take your mind off the preparations (for those of you who celebrate) with another dive into the deep blue ocean that is poetry forms.

For me palm trees and turquoise seas are beckoning, but a quick look at acrostic poetry is always fun. An acrostic is a poem where you can read more than just the words as they are written. According to trusty old Wikipedia, an acrostic is 'a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message'. So it is a little bit of a riddle, a very simplistic cipher if you will, and it can also be a form of crossword puzzles! Feel like doing a bit of detective work this Christmas?

Acrostics (or should I call them poems?) occurs in religious writing (in this case Judaism), in the Book of Lamentations, Book of Proverbs and a whole number of psalms, which means we are dealing with an old poetry form (they don't take on new texts to the Hebrew Bible, I have been told). Originally the word acrostics comes from Greek, means 'top verse' and if we are to remain for a moment in the religious sphere, the referrals to fish in association with Jesus and the Christian faith has nothing to do with his purported ability to walk on water (don't laugh, I really have thought that my whole life!), but actually stems from a famous ancient Greek acrostic where the initials of an acclamation concerning Jesus Christ, his ancestry and purpose spelled out the Greek word fish... And for some (strange?) reason it has become synonymous with the Jesus and his religion and is used as a sign for its believers.

So, I am not here to debate religion with you. I really would prefer not to, but I thought these tidbits of information might be interesting, especially since we are getting ready to celebrate the 2000th-something birthday of Jesus. On a more secular note, acrostics can also be used as mnemonic devises, assisting memory of for example the name of planets in our solar system, or to - as so elegantly shown by Edgar Allan Poe - spell out the name of your love:

Elizabeth it is in vain you say

"Love not" — thou sayest it in 

so sweet a way:

In vain those words from thee 

or L.E.L.

Zantippe's talents had 

enforced so well:

Ah! if that language from thy 

heart arise,

Breath it less gently forth — 

and veil thine eyes.

Endymion, recollect, whe

Luna tried

To cure his love — was cured

of all beside —

His follie — pride — and 

passion — for he died.

(Edgar Allan Poe, An Acrostic)

Wikipedia also mentions a more modern acrostic in which the Manager of one of the large international IT companies, in a memo sent out to his subordinates, hid an acrostic that spelled out 'Beat IBM'. True? I don't know, but kind of fun in any case.

If you want to make your life more complicated (and why not?), you can always attempt the double acrostic where not just the first letter of the first word on every line spells out a message, but the last letter on every line too... That should give you something to sharpen your poetic claws on over Christmas. Me, I am off to the beach! *smile*

Feel like you want to share an acrostic (or any other poetry) with us? Please join us at the Gooseberry Gardens Poetry Picnic, where the theme for Week 18 is Snow, December, Winter, Vacation and Wildness. I shall return in a week with some other interesting nugget of gold from the mine of poetry forms.

I raise my glass to you and wish you all a Very Berry Christmas!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 18: Snow, December, Winter Vacations, and Wildness

Welcome everyone!  It's me, it's me, Kay Salady!  I am so proud and happy to be presenting this week's picnic at the Gooseberry Garden. 

It’s a glorious feeling to dream of drifts of winter snow, families together spending quality time, or the thrill of excitement when days spent indoors conjure up adventure!  What an exciting assortment of topics to write about!  I can’t wait to read what you’ve written!
Yours truly,

Her smile was nothing if not doomsday
curling around a crackling cigarette
the same way kids hold onto jars
full of fire ants versus army ants
She said she used to bury fairies alive
in shoe boxes with secrets and Christmas tinsel
Nobody needs to believe they ever existed
not scientists or parents, they were just for me
She hung dream catchers above her bed
collecting nightmares and butterflies
pulling off their wings, praying with mantises
watching them die under weeping willow trees
Her voice was a holy man deserted by God
burning itself in protest before reaching her mouth
her words deliberate and slow
like whispers prying lids attempting to flee
She is the pouring rain that comes after dark
a dictator’s grin that fades with changing maps
scarred by wars, famine, shrinking borders
and the unlucky souls she never set free


Twas the fifteenth of December,
the bank payment was overdue.
With elves and gifts to remember
and wrapping paper all askew,

Santa forgot to mail the bill,
though he knew he would pay a fee.
For the good he tried to instill,
he thought the creditors would see

that gifts for kids had to come first,
a task that was Santa’s alone.
His worries went from bad to cursed
on the night he was to have flown.

Santa’s sleigh was repo’d that night,
and taxi fares reached a new height.


Smack in the middle
My life’s a riddle
Little girl among boys
With baby doll toys
As the song plays
I continue to fiddle
With the lyrics trying
To adjust them a little
For these blessed are
The progeny of me
I want to dance
As the fiddlers three
So when to thoughts
Of me they turn
They remember this tune
From me they learn
And I pray they will
With a smile pass along
The new words of lyrics
They’ve added my song
As through generations
This one to the next
There will come another
To add their own text
And so my life’s song
Will be without end
As long as another
Comes ‘round the next bend!

Methods of Submission:

Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time! It would be super fantastically great if you could link back to us on your blog.

Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 2pm (CDT), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8pm (CDT), 78 hours for you to share your poetry with us..

What About Next Week??

For Week 19, we will have theme "Forgiveness, GiftHoliday Songs, and Traditions", Hope that you spend time dig deep, discover treasury writing or posts from your blog, and share...Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poetic Reflections Week 18 on Riika


Tell us about yourself, please?

Once given a name by the meaning of eternal ruler of her own world, I am a love of darkness. I do no consider myself more of a writer but a creator of my own little world. I am not born from an English speaking family but it is such a powerful tool that allow me to write and create images to allow my readers to see the beauty of my world. As I said before, English may not be a subject that I can score well in, but it definitely a language that I can use to write fantasy with.

Often, you will see that most of my poetries are accompanied by an image, this is because being an artist and designer, I paint my world with beautiful images to create stories, which sparks from inspirations and imaginations. I also used to design logos, banners and websites for community and friends as well. 

I am currently studying in Digipen, Bachelor of Arts In Game Design, in hope to become a game designer one day which I am able to bring my semi-graphical novel to life, which means making it a real game which every gamer can actually play.

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?
When did you start blogging?

My blog is Deadly Butterfly Betrayal, a combination of darkness and sadness lurking within. Butterfly is a sacred species that sometimes related to the word, life. In my blog, I wish to portray my interpretion of life in my own world to my readers. I had especially chosen the dark theme of sadness as I think that I can relate more to that than the light theme of happiness. And also, Deadly Butterfly Betrayal is a symbol of loyal to friends and loved ones, which means that I am trying to tell people about my personality and thoughts with the poetries I had written. Anything inside the blog is all about the truth I seen and things that I wanted to share with everyone. It is not just poetry, but thoughts that can relate. Though I did not really focus much of personal stuffs, but then you should often see emotions and feelings spurring out from a few poetry work that sort of highlights my life.

What are your writing inspirations?

My inspirations come from my daily life basically. Honestly speaking, I never once consider myself as a happy person. I don't think it is a bad idea because I am able to use my emotions to write on the topics which not many people like to touch on, for example sadness, it is so simple yet it is so difficult to portray as there are many different meanings to it.

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

I believe that as long as a poetry is able to relate to the readers out there, it is good enough. I do revise my work and get opinions from friends before I posted it onto my website. 

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

I started writing poetry when I created my blog just last year June. I also writes a semi-graphical novel series, Tributes of Sonia. The series is set to have a game within game system and a game environment which readers can actually "play" while reading the e-book. I have developed this new concept into a novel because I think that it might be much more interesting than just having a book that you can only read. Everything in this series is a combination of my hobby and passion. The first two books had been published and are free to download, to find out more about it, you may check out this link:

Do you have a favorite author or poet? Please include her/his blog link.

 It will be Percy Bysshe Shelly and my favorite poems of his will be "Lines" and "War". To find out more about him, check this link, or for his works,

Can you share a piece of your work or a poem that best represents your talent? Please include the poem content along with your poem link of your blog.

I would like to share my latest work, River of Tears

Twinkling in the night
Upon surfacing into the view of aurora
Tears wept into the river of despair
Silence cries for hope
Dreams become the reality of sorrow
Promises become droplets of death
Minds no longer as a whole
Insanity torn the soul apart
Wandering into the
River of Tears
to be released
from the
reality of sorrow

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

I am well versed with technical management with blog and I am able to help with the design and feel of the website, and that is why I decided to support Jingle Poetry Community with the skills that I have acquired over the past few years. 

What's your plan for your future writing? 

As I did not have much time now since I am studying right now, I wish to continue writing Tributes of Sonia after I graduated smoothly because that is what I have in plan since I started writing the series. I hope that I am able to make use of what I had learned within these two years to develop Tributes of Sonia to a new height of a semi-graphical novel series in a game-like environment.