Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around

My friends, I am Shashi and the host for the 8th week of creativity and enjoyment at The Gooseberry Garden for Poetry Picnic Week 8.

It was great week to really read most of the posting’s this time as I was able to take out time to do that. And what I realised is that we have great talent among our selves... and I must congratulate all of you. This week is again going to be very great as we are going to talk about and share an interesting topic i.e. ‘Friends, relationships and everyone around’ so that you can talk about any one who has touched you deeply...

Friends in Cologne - Germany
But before that let me tell you what we are going to do next week...

Next week we are going talk about “Longing, Loss, Loosing and failure”  as these are the really great factors that makes us what we are... because in losing, we know us... in failures we become stronger... and longing is that makes us love more... so come on, share who made you what you are... tell me whose loss, made you the strong person that you are.. now. Share your love story that happened or did not happen and how did it affect you...

Now coming back to our topic this week....

POETRY PICNIC WK 8: Friends, relationships and everyone around’

You are mine, my best friend,
The one I can confide in, until the end.
The one who has seen every tear,
Whose hands boldly hold all of my fears.
You are mine, my other half that makes me complete,
Who never lets me feel like I am going through defeat.
You're the one who has always been there,
To show me how much that you truely care.
You are mine, my happiness in me,
Who's opened my eyes and really made me see.
Your compassion and love has shone through the clouds,
Leaving me with no more fears or doubts.
You are mine, an angel for me,
Whose smile is sent to make me happy.
The one who always has faith in your heart,
To make sure that I don't fall apart.
You are mine, without any question,
Giving me lots of hugs and affection.
You are mine, my best friend,
Whom I will always love until the very end!
I love you Lauren! Thanks for everything!

A Friend.....
Is someone that everyone needs
A friend
Is that special one
A friend
Is someone you tell EVERYTHING
A friend
Is someone you never lie to
A friend
Can be a boy or a girl
A friend
Is someone that is always their
A friend
Will always listen to you
A friend
Always has input to give
A friend
Will never leave you in the dust
A friend
Will help you through the thick and the thin
A friend
Will always stand by your side
A friend
Will never let you down
A friend
Is someone everyone needs
Jenni Cortes
Thanks for joining us to support poetry, poetry promotion, and poetry sharing here at The Gooseberry Garden Monday Poetry Potluck!!!

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 नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivaya


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

Great Job, Shashi.

Thanks for the timely preparations,

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

welcome to poetry picnic week 8.

have fun sharing about your friends, lovers, or people who care about you or you care about them.


Anonymous said...

some women just have unhealthy recurring relationships with me. the sestina i posted tells about one particular such woman.

Becky Sain said...

I was sick all last week and unable to read many poems -- so this week I was double reading to do!

The Poet said...

Appreciate your efforts, Shashi. You look like you're having a great time with your friends!

Lovely poem picks this week too.

Friendship & love...we need them both.

Have a great Picnic all!

Woman As My Friend And Lover

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Shared one,

reading you now.

Daydreamertoo said...

Thanks Shashi, this is a lot of hard work to get it all organised for us,
it is very much appreciated.

Shreedhar Iyengar said...

Such a timely theme, Shashi.. I just wrote about someone who meant something to me long ago.. felt good to admit some long-buried feelings. :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

some pretty cool links here

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I'm a bit off theme with my post this week, but maybe I'll post a second one which more closely addresses the theme. For now, here is part three, "In Dreams", of my four part series I call "Changed".

Abigail Bunting said...

I am half mad and half sane
you know this I'm sure

the reason you never stopped me
was because you knew.
-call to wander

on paper wings

Morning said...


wow, lovely spirits have shown up here.

Teresa Marie said...

Fabulous job Shashi! Great inspiration you gave for the theme. I wrote two poems for this one about my best friend and one about my love, lol. Of course they both just happen to be the same person, my husband Mark. Blessings and happy picnic everyone! Terri

K. Shawn Edgar said...

Wonderful all around. And true. I praise your work and heart.

Anonymous said...

As always a great prompt and a great poetry selection, Shashi! Inspired me to thank my friends just a little bit extra for all they put up with from me. Thank you!

Shail said...

Loved the prompt :)

Unknown said...

Since the subject was friends and relationships I have shared a poem I wrote a short time ago for my friend Yogesh (IBeingMe) he has been a great friend and supporter of mine in poetry and life. ~ Rose

Anonymous said...

i am in. Relationship was the theme so i couldnt resist sending in my work..

Anonymous said...

My first post here.Shared an old poem.Nice topic! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, my first time sharing at Gooseberry... this is one of last week's poems on, I guess you could say, the shadow side of relationship.

Jingle Poetry Community said...


poets, you make this place popular and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

So I know the prompt said Friends and relationships, but my post is about God. It really is a relationship, and a good one at that so...yeah

June_Butterfly said...

Nice to be back here,again.Thanks for hosting,Shashi.Really hope I can fix my PC in time so I can comment on your blog.Looking fwd to reading lots this week.

Anonymous said...

Roughly motivational place of duty you give rise to at this juncture. Seems to facilitate lots of relations enjoyed and benefited from it. Cheers and credit.

Hope said...

well said Shashi!

thank you for inviting me to partake once again!

I have a few poems on my site that pertain to loss and longing.
looking forward to meeting more like minded writers!

Richarde M. Talbot said...

Thank you for the invitation, Sashi! I'm excited to join the poetry community you've established.

Tigerbrite said...

Thanks Shashi for this lovely page. I didn't get around to doing one on the theme this week. Hope you don't mind sharing my haiku effort.