Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Poetry Blog Week 9- Marbles In My Pockets

This weeks blog review i want to show case this blogger/author on his wonderful journey that he shares with all of us here at The Gooseberry Garden. He also wrote a daily devotional book with his wife as his co-author I surely think that is an amzing thing for a husband & wife to share together. Before I get ahead on with my review I want to introduce Charles L. Mashburn & his blog Marbles In My Pockets .

About The Author/Blogger

Charles L. Mashburn
I am a born again Christian whose ever increasing love for God and insatiable hunger for His knowledge inspires me to share those things and the love for others God has placed within me with all who care to seek Him. I am recently retired from a career as a construction superintendent and can now devote my time to my first love–writing. I have been writing daily devotionals for two years, and have a list of approximately 150 friends, relatives and new acquaintances that I email them to each morning. I also write poetry, short stories and novels. My wife of 15 years, Sherry, and I currently reside in College Station, Texas. My hobbies include golf and gardening, but as I said, my love is writing and I spend most of my time pounding this keyboard and learning more about God as I go. The most exciting thing He has taught me is that His love is unconditional and He wants me to love Him. I don’t know if I will ever be able to adequately return His love, but I am inspired to give it my best effort.

The Blog

This blog gives me that sense, the name of the book, "Be Still" its like saying while you browse through the pages and excellent and well written verses with words that would leave you with moments of deep devotions as it may stir inside the readers minds.
The blog has that calming and away of calling you to come and stop in, " My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long. Psalm 71:8"

On the rigt side you will get all the links to his other webpages and also where you can purchase his book" Be Still", also his social networking sites, like Facebook etc.

This daily encouragement passage I find most inspiring is this that I found on Charles blog, "  I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.   John 15:11"

Charles own words explains this passage, " His Poetry

I am just leaving excerpts of his poetry

Forever Changed
Bottle spinning, is but a blur
There on the basement floor
All eyes upon it as it slows
Not knowing what’s in store

Joy is to most of us an elusive and often fleeting thing. We live in a demanding, fast-paced world where it is easy to get caught up in the trials of the day and lose our peace and then our joy. It seems obvious to me that if you are not at peace, you cannot experience joy, and so if you lose your peace, your joy goes with it."

I read awhile ago about joy, that we all have it inside of us, but to release that joy we need to learn how to release it.


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...
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Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

a perfect choice, Chimnese.

loved this blog very much!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Charles! One of my favorite bloggers. Good old fashioned humor always found on his site :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite. Here is my contribution...

The tire blew
And there was loss
Loss of control.

But some things
Weren't lost...
Many, many blessings.

We stopped...
The momentum
Did not
Land us
Upside down
In the ditch.

My cell phone
Had enough charge
To call for help.

My friend,
Calm through
The whole thing,
Kept me company
While we waited
For assistance.

The police
Parked behind me
To make sure
Nothing further happened
While we sat
At the edge of
A busy highway.

The tow truck driver
Changed the tire
In record time.

They followed us
To the next exit
To make sure
We were safe.

I got home safely
To my
Loving, caring family.

A minor loss
So very many blessings.

The Poet said...

Charles is one of my favorites too.
His words are touching, inspiring & penned straight from the heart.

A good choice, Chimnese!

Thanks for sharing.