Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poetry Picnic Week 24: Free Linking

Isn't it great to feel free? No constraints, no rules, no restrictions. This week, that is my humble offering. This is what I lay in front of you: a blank slate, an awaiting canvas. Fill our walls with words this week with no limitations on style or theme. My gift to you. Have fun!

Obscure vs. Graceful By Mr Blaque - Obscure vs. Graceful

Damn the world and all its wonders
Burn everything that stands
Destroying the barricades
Let my evilness through
Recognize the purity of death
Glorify all that is living
Watch the beauty of the earth
Rebirth of life shining
The aging enlightenment
From wonders that push through
Kill everything that moves
Having it beg for mercy
Because I’m absolute
Worship this idol
Of selfish greed
Let life progress
Smile at every waking endeavor
Allowing the passionate togetherness
Instilling a unified knowing
Of one’s spirited heart

The letter to Oz by Jennifer Ratcliffe

Fear is love
and there is nothing more ferocious than the creature herself.
Listening quietly and glazing politely
wishing crooked smiles on the windowsill,
enraptured fingers hovering over your desolate skin.
You lose your mind
it'll never come back,
not without the rats and worms.
Living with new memory,
speaking, running, understanding
loneliness and fear.
Fear the affair that casts your endless sleep,
how I wish the kitten would lick my wounds once more.
The empty pit of consciousness
I know that of wrong
but I wish it right anyway.

Grizzly Island Road by Steven Federle

Soft sky, blue and white
cloud swelling over low hills,
delta waters,
twilight sloughs
calling to geese and egret,
kingfisher and mallard
to lounge in waving reeds
as grazing cattle linger
in verdant valley.
Like a river the road flows
down to the sacred sea,
to the deep, living stream
of Earth.

The Huntress-TB by Crayfish

She traces my thought paths
through my thoughts and words.
She scours all my drawing
for footsteps unheard.
A silent hunter between dusk and dawn,
waiting in the wings to pour over scorn.

All Jokes Aside by Alex Dissing

are like tectonic plates:
sometimes they shift,
and when they do,
it shakes the ground
beneath you.
that this is just a simile, though,
because you can’t be at fault
for settling in the fault zone.

It’s only human that we fall in love,
but when we do,
where exactly are we falling from?

A relationship
shouldn't be a leap of faith,
it should be a grasp of the right hands.
The lovely mystery
is sometimes hard to understand.
My answer to my relationship riddle
is not ground-breaking,
it's just me.

As silly as it sounds,
we’re all looking for someone
who we can be comfortable with being silly around.

To submit your poetry entry, please use the InLinkz below. We'd be delighted to hear from you if this is your first (or second or third or millionth) time, so please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or to link back to us on your own blog.

Weekly poetry picnic starts at 2pm on Sunday and ends on 10pm on Thursday. Best wishes this week and happy poeming.

Theme for Week 25: Military, soldiers, veterans, or poetry dealing with physical, mental, and emotional healing…

Link your entries to both our blog and to Bradley’s blog at the same time, Thanks…
That’s for next week….

PS: Poetry for Wounded Warriors, Launched by Bradley A. Peraino

Please post your poems about the military, soldiers, veterans etc. here. (As well as any poetry dealing with physical, mental, or emotional healing,) It will be open all year. I do request that people stay respectful towards our nation and her heroes, leave politics at home and come armed with the love and compassion that our brave men and women so rightly deserve. Thank you for your participation and may God shine down upon our nation's true 1%, her Soldiers!

Anti-war, Politics, etc. will not be acceptable. My request from you is that you post a message with the link on your blog. There is no limit on the number of posts and the posting will remain open until December. I hope that you can help me with this project.


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