Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Blog Review - Memoirs of a Young Heart

Today I will be reviewing the blog “Memoirs of a Young Heart.” The author goes by the name, on his blog, "Memoirs of a Young Heart” and his username is Jigme77. Also, he on his profile it says he is from India and has this little bit, “Neither I'm poet, nor I'm writer, it is just another thought I'm scribbling it!~” which I liked.
The blog itself seems elegant and easy enough to navigate through. The top of the blog has a search bar and if you scroll to the bottom of the page there are also archives and the sort which can be rather helpful. From the look of things, and according to the archives, the blog has been up and running with posts since October 2011. So far it is off to a good start.

One of the poems that really stood out to me was “To the Memory Lane” which reads:
“I walk…
To the memory lane,
Remembering but long gone memories,
Of you, and sweetness in you.
I talk…
But with myself,
Of our time,
Short but sweetest, ever!
I sit…
But so alone,
Filling but a ray of hope,
You sitting beside me.
I cry…
Another lonely tears,
Hoping, you would come,
Wipe away my tears.”

Over all I think that the blog has some great poems and is off to a good start, the author definitely has potential and I encourage him to keep writing.

~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

the poem you picked is very moving,

he is promising at a poet and a writer.

awesome pick, Robin!

Latest MBA News said...

Really good one. Thank you for sharing.