Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden~ Poem of The Week ~Passing By C Rose

A poet  ‘On a mission to give a perspective of compassion to all things in this world’ using a unique ‘verb’ form of the key word ‘poetry’. The word ‘poetized’ became the attractive element in the style. I had come across the name but not read any verses. This special visit revealed a personality replete with creativity dedication, the love of sharing ideas and expressions above all inviting the ideas and thoughts of other writers to ‘share’ too. Lately a trend of ‘no comment attitude’ has  been noticed  across the web, which is not conducive to creative writing. Writers with poetic talent must come forward to inspire and as I read more about C Rose I found that her mission’ is to inculcate the love of writing and sharing’ which led me to select one of her poems for this week. Being a Teacher myself I was happy to note a special thank you note for her teacher and mentor. Nations who honor their Teachers are always successful.
The poem is deeply philosophical with a religious touch in the words ‘carried souls splash’.’Perforated borders’ a perfect poetical phrase, reflecting intense imagery of ‘life as a particle of dust, and the war stricken world on so many borders’ ‘dissecting’ cutting humanity to destroy  peace and end life. My choice of the week is …
Passing   by    C Rose                 
With  each passing
carried  souls splash
fingers  through the next
crossed  through rippled
inertia , experiencing
the  came and went
walking  the circumstance
of perforated borders
our  particles dissect
Flash Fiction and much more noteworthy expressions by C Rose on: