Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poetic Reflections Week 23 on Rosie Gan

Thank you for the invitation. I feel honoured and am privileged to be part of Poetic Reflection.
What can I say about creative writing and me? I have always loved books and enjoyed poetry.

I have a degree in English Literature, but that in no way qualifies me to be a poet! I love poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, Robert Frost and a host of other Western poets, but I had only recently been inspired by the Japanese poets writing in the haiku form. I love the discipline required in writing haiku, the beauty of the succinct verse, and the imagery related to nature.

I was hooked after my first effort. I had just visited the Alugu Caves in China at that time, and wrote a post about those beautiful caves on my travel blog. The haiku I added to that post was a tribute to the history of the caves, and images of the past flooded the haiku set I wrote. I felt the exhilaration of writing poetry then, and have continued writing, trying out different genres.

I write poetry under two blog names, One is My Garden Haven and the other is Travel-inspired Tales, both on I started as recently as last year. Most of the poems

I write are related to nature, flowers, and places I've been to. Expressions of emotions are intertwined with the themes. My aspiration is to be bolder in my writing, to scratch beneath the surface and be more forceful. That's the direction I am going with my poems.

Like any writer, I have dreams of publishing a book of my poems, a short story collection or even a novel.

It is but a dream, not an actual plan. However, one needs to begin a venture with a dream,
I believe.

These words by Louise Driscoll echo my sentiments:

Hold fast your dreams,
Within your heart,
Keep one still, secret spot
Where dreams may go.

Jingle Poetry is definitely another spot, not a secret spot, where budding poets such as me may bring our dreams to.
Thank You for your encouragement,
Rosie Gan

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