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Poetry Picnic Week 21 Children's Stories, Riddles, Counting Songs, and Rhyming Lyrics for Young Kids!!!


My mind is riddled with puzzles,
each piece jumbled within thousands
of piles; staring at one another;
thinking, “Do I go with you?
Where are the pieces that match
up with my borders, my lines,
my cuts and grooves?”
I want to be whole again not
fragmented shapes in which
I cannot identify in isolation.
Why does it take so long
to put together a 10,000 piece
jigsaw puzzle?

A Small Dog Is To A Large Zucchini

A small dog is to a large zucchini
what a bungalow is to a road (six lane),
what a tadpole is to a Peach Bellini
made from a magnum of Champagne,
what a thimble is to a Fred Fellini
and miso soup was to Charlemagne–
the nexus, to some, seems very teeny,
to others, perhaps, it’s simple, plain.
All I know is that my large zucchini
and my small dog just aren’t the same.

Dog Helps Elephant
Poor baby elephant
taken from mama;
gotta get away
from the circus drama.
Elephants need
a social surrounding,
not where crowds
are loudly resounding.
Baby is scared
to be away so long.
The circus crowd
is a great big throng.
So puppy comes ‘round.
He can find the way,
to get baby back
to baby’s herd far away.
They wander together,
over land and sea,
to get to the spot
where they’ll find mommy.
The trunk holds the tail,
which therefore can’t wag.
But the Doggie moves on.
Neither friend can lag.
They finally come upon,
a low rumbling sound.
It the herd’s way of talking,
so they can be found.
Then baby looks high.
And baby looks low
‘til finally mama’s face
begins to glow.
They are reunited,
thanks to canine friend,
who stays with the herd
for days on end.

 Coconut Music
(Tale Spinning) 
Monkey jump up on the beach
Telling a story with his banana
The jungle safari men kept a beat
Coconut music happen
Oh, jump up high
Oh, jump up low
Jump on a coconut
Go Go Go!
Oh, Jump to the left
Oh, Jump to the right
Jump on a coconut
Isn’t it nice?
Now Monkey he said
“I bring a banana to bed
but in the morning it be gone.”
He say “that banana split,
It lost it’s appeal;
I jump on the coconut
It always be real.”
The Safari men say “That not so!
Not a story that we’d like to know.
The Beach is the music
The Jungle is the tune
The Banana is the beginning
The Coconut come to an end..”
Oh, jump up high
Oh, jump up low
Jump on a coconut
Go Go Go!
Oh, Jump to the left
Oh, Jump to the right
Jump on a coconut
Isn’t it nice?
The Monkey and the Safari men sit right down
Down by the Jungle Beach, Down on the ground,
They eat the Banana and the Coconut too
The story is in the music
And it tastes good too!
Oh, jump up high
Oh, jump up low
Jump on a coconut
Go Go Go!
Oh, Jump to the left
Oh, Jump to the right
Jump on a coconut
Isn’t it nice?

(A small tale about an elephant and a mouse)

Did you ever wish you were as big as me...?

Did you ever wish you could be a circus star like me...?

Did you ever wish people would go ‘oooh, aaaah’  when they see  you,  instead of ‘eeeek’...?

Do you ever wish for anything…?
Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, any kind of cheese
And can I have your peanuts?

Methods of Submissions:

Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time!  It would be super great if you could link back to us on your blog.

Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 2pm, and will stay open until Wednesday, 8pm, 78 hours for you to share your talent with us!

Theme for next week?

Week 22 Theme will be: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives.  Keep up the excellence.  
Hope to see you share then!




Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

welcome to week 21, folks.

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have fun!

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

truly enjoyed the poems featured here,

Thanks a big deal to poets/writers, referring to Shelia, Manicddaily, Zongrik, Tale Spinning, and Scape.

basically, these are playful and fit for reading aloud.


welcome joining us.

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thanks for putting me up there. what an honor. i put up some little thing about bumble beeeeeezzzzzzzz

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Very motivational poems! I love them! :)

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Not my cup o tea...I like the poems but I think I will sit this one out. I will visit and comment as much as possible, thanks.

Susie Clevenger said...

I just recently started writing poems with a child in mind. I seldom to rhyming works, but with children's poems it just seem to bring it out in me. I wrote this one a while back.

Kitty said...

tried one out, hope to see how everyone is doing.

Sasha A. Palmer said...

Hi kids! :-)
Zongrik, you've inspired my little elephant tale! I feel very strongly about using wild animals for entertainment. Elephants are such beautiful creatures!

Rinkly Rimes said...

My childish verse is in tandem with another bit of nonsense. Hope you enjoy them both.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...


anything funny and childish are welcome.

Thanks for your input.

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Thank you for the motivation and wonderful prompt! I'm looking forward to reading now. Blessed week!

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Hi all,
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My first submission that fits the prompt: A fruit loop rap.

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Thank You Jingle and All My Friends, I am better and here is my contribution

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hello! i was about to link my post when the collection closed...i hope you can drop my blog too and see what i've got for poetry picnic week 21...thanks for the invitation and the encouragement..

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thank you very much for adding my link! you made my day! have a great weekend!

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Thanks for the invitation to the Poetry Picnic week 21 "children".
I first wouldn't participate, but after going through my data-base of haiku I found some lovely haiku about children and their actions.

Happy Poetry Picnic!!

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it is fun when you actually spend time doing it.


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Thanks for those who submitted and share their LOVE to kids.

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