Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poem of the Week 23

Hello, talented poets,

This week, we have poem of the week goes to Lola, she has written a story in poetic form about birds and woods, and the theme of freedom is quite enlightening ..

Hope that you enjoy her poem!

Northen Flight

No more sitting bereft
no more reaching for all she sought
this birds got some fight left
And she knows what she is not
Her focus it turned inwards
away from all that wanted to claim
She took her flight to the woods
to add fire to her flame
She sought the sights she wished for
The Redwood trees, the sea so blue
A rapid river and so much more
The prettier it was, the higher she flew
She bathed in the hot spring in comfort and ease
Not worried of bigger birds, hunters or man
joyfully spreading her wings for all to see
She sat in splendid glory, with no worries on hand
Winds invaded the northern mountains
which rose this bird from her splendor
She danced in it for hours
Soaring about playfully, sparkling of wonder
The birds they came to play some too
They saw she had something
as she rolled with them as pigeons do
She sang  a tune of all her longing
She sang a song of joy in freedom
then thought of her young ones
wondered when she would see them
And suddenly things weren’t so fun
This bird saw what she needed to do
she had to prepare the nest
thoughts of change distorted her view
as she prepared herself for this quest
This bird is willing to land again
to settle back into its home
If freedom is what she seeks in the end
only time will let us know