Saturday, January 7, 2012

Poem of The Week 20: Faith by Steven Federle


by Steven Federle

is seeing my blood
coursing through
shut eyelids

and feeling
blood pushing down
into my arms and legs,

it will soon return
to my darkly
beating heart.

But faith is more than
or believing.

Faith shines
like the cloistered sun
concealed by thick
autumn clouds.

Faith knows
all my childish lies,
and gently laughs
at my innocence.

Faith stalks me,
deep into my desert
where, trembling,
I wait for her famished arrow.

I love faith;
in her passionate embrace
I fall into my
darkest night.

I fear faith;
slave to her lacerating truth
reluctantly I walk
into her relentless light.

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Hope that you have enjoyed this poem, Happy Saturday!


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

great write.

enjoyed it.

Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

oh, beautiful choice.


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

This is great.

love how the poem speaks and makes senses.

Joann / Into Stillness said...

I think this is beautiful. Especially loved, "Faith shines
like the cloistered sun."

Great way to start my day!

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

very charming piece indeed,

Way to go, Steven!

Natalie Sunflowers said...

keep writing,

your wordpress blog is very good looking.

The Purple said...

Glad to see this, smiles.

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...


Thanks for the encouraging words.