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Poetry Picnic Week 36 : Online Media Sources Poetry In Any Forms

Have a great time writing whatever you chose to do with the theme....signing off Uma Anandane from Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind .

Happy 19th Birthday from Home, Dear Shengish Woo! by Aya Wilson
When it comes to one’s birthday or anniversary,
It’s simply natural to think of home
where one shares quality time with friends,
Sheng has made numerous NEW friends
at Northwestern University, Joe, Terence Tao,
Gordon Ramsay, and Lawrence Lessig are some of
those, JD Henneberry and Staffordray stayed in touch.
Happy Birthday from Home, Sheng!

A Curse Against Elegies by Anne Sexton

Oh, love, why do we argue like this?
I am tired of all your pious talk.
Also, I am tired of all the dead.
They refuse to listen,
so leave them alone.
Take your foot out of the graveyard,
they are busy being dead.

Everyone was always to blame:
the last empty fifth of booze,
the rusty nails and chicken feathers
that stuck in the mud on the back doorstep,
the worms that lived under the cat's ear
and the thin-lipped preacher
who refused to call
except once on a flea-ridden day
when he came scuffing in through the yard
looking for a scapegoat.
I hid in the kitchen under the ragbag.

I refuse to remember the dead.
And the dead are bored with the whole thing.
But you - you go ahead,
go on, go on back down
into the graveyard,
lie down where you think their faces are;
talk back to your old bad dreams.

Botanic Garden by Dr. Erasmus Darwin
(Poetry form on Vegetable Lamb of Tartary )

E'en round the Pole the flames of love aspire,
And icy bosoms feel the secret fire,
Cradled in snow, and fanned by Arctic air,
Shines, gentle borametz, thy golden hair
Rooted in earth, each cloven foot descends,
And round and round her flexile neck she bends,
Crops the grey coral moss, and hoary thyme,
Or laps with rosy tongue the melting rime;
Eyes with mute tenderness her distant dam,
And seems to bleat - a vegetable lamb

A Drinking Song   by W. B. Yeats

Wine comes in at the mouth  
And love comes in at the eye;  
That’s all we shall know for truth  
Before we grow old and die.  
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and I sigh.

 Theme for May: Jingle Poetry Rally for Worldwide Piece Month

JiPoRa4WoPeMo Rocks  ;)

Theme for This Week 36?

Week 36 Theme: Let's read the following online media sources, and write a poem or a prose on topic they are talking about and appear interesting to you...have fun!

The New York Times:

NBC Dallas Fort Worth News:

The Washington Post:

Bangor Daily News:

Los Angles Times:

Maryland News: The Baltimore Sun:

The Wall Street Journal:

Good Morning, America Yahoo News:

Stillwater News Press:

The Daily O’Collegian:

We would like to read your poems based on what you read from online media sources,  not restricted to what we provide, but from any media of anywhere of the world, have fun....

Theme for Next Week?

 Peace in Love, Peace in Families, Peace among Friends, and Peace around the world...

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