Sunday, May 13, 2012

Poetry Picnic Week 35: " The Month of May, Mother's Love, Spring Storms, Soil, Air..."

Architect Christopher Wren
redesigned London when
it took a forceful maverick
from ashes hence London brick.

Don’t worry that he refuses to crawl
or eat anything but bananas and bread
don’t worry about whether you read the right book
or got any of it
on video
don’t worry about his kindergarten teacher
or if he’ll always be shy
love him with vigor
love yourself just as much
don’t let anxiety
wrench your spirit shut
he chose you
your job is to be seen
so dig for your truth
and show it to him
tender and unpolished
don’t use the phrase book of anyone else
call him a tuba rumple
make up dance routines
have baths at noon
be late sometimes
just the two of you
because the sky was orange and silk
and the wind was just right
for kites.

Two Clerihews by The Man With the Blue Guitar

President Barack Obama . . .
Bet you thought I would rhyme with yo mama,
But there's also hosanna and flora or fauna,
There are more rhymes with Romney — don't wanna.

Governor Willard "Mitt" Romney
Would give all of us imsomni—
If Mitt became President or even just veep,
None of us would ever get any sleep.

the hour before dawn
kneading soft dough with rough hands
morning star above

by The Booth of Our Conniving

I don't know where I'm going with this
Umbrella I'm holding to keep the rain
From making an ass out of you and me,
But I have a vague feeling feelings
Will be involved, special ones for the dark
Side of a doughnut or the sigh of a wren.
It's so unlike me, though, to venture far
Without securing first a slew of notes
From emotive conductors I've had
The pleasure of being deafened by.
Perhaps it's time for me to enlist
In the army of delicate wackos who
Seem so full of themselves and life
And who constitute the human race.
Hear them singing their sweetness to
The disconsolate cumulonimbi?
I want that job and to find myself
Finishing the touches I started with you.

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Theme for This Week 35:

" The Month of May, Mother's Love, Spring Storms, Soil, Air..."

Dig and write, you may be amazed at how creative you are, by simply trying without worrying about the outcome or feedback…best, hope to see you in the party, chicks…

Theme for Next Week?

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Happy Poetry Picnic
and Happy Mother's Day to Positive Mothers!
Take Good Care...



Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

welcome to Poetry Picnic Week 35,

Best Wishes for your Mother's Day Agenda.

I posted early because it's a special day for Moms...

Becky Sain said...

This is more of a story than a poem but I have a poem swirling around to share later. :-)

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day...


Unknown said...

Have a great mother's day, folks.

u r the best.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What a fun selection of verse!
Thanks so much as always for hosting this. Here's my Overpriced Limerick.

Anonymous said...

Have a great Mothers day everyone. I don't have anything on this topic. But I hope you can enjoy what I linked anyway.

joy said...

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Unknown said...

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