Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poetry Picnic Week 34: Plants, Creatures, and the Cosmos!!

"Sketchbook Creation ~ The Tree of Life"  by Kim Nelson

The Notion
Of The Great Creation…
Do you think that existence began this way?
With God making sketches in books?
Did She sit up above, in a heavenly café, slef
And plan out uniqueness’s? Nooks?
Were patterns determined or did they emerge
As She played with ideas flowing fast?
Did it all come together, in an energy surge?
And were we, in Her likeness, really last?
Or did she plan us first, then conjure the rest
So that we would adore and obey?
Then wait ‘til the universe looked its best
Before opening Eden to play?
And in the end
It was good.
I wonder,
Was it all
For our
Or Hers?
And does it even matter?

Love in Spring by Steven Federle  

My arms reach out
to embrace green hills,
to hold heart-close
spring’s pulsing thrill.

With passion flush,
and grateful tears
I gaze on the forest
for I know you are near!

I can hear your song
in the sea-borne breeze.
Your golden voice fills
green lilting trees.

Oh give me more wine!
Your grapes and your vines,
make the night sublime
with spring’s sweet life,

eternally bounding
from boundless time.

The burdens of Surviving by Shadiatique  

I closed my eyes for a few moments
Then I saw us together. How brilliant?!
The old memory, with little melody
The fine harmony feels so permanent. 

The good memories
Defeated by, the moment I open my eyes
I wish I could run from your memories
But the last thing I need is
to go back to your reality
To your tyranny.

In the end
We all get cured of our Sentiment.
Some of us seek medicine of happiness
Some of us search for a long time!

Then there is some like me
Close their eyes for a few moments
to re-build the old oasis 
Re-experience the old Harmony
Hope to close my eyes 
For a longer time.

THE PRINCESS by Rinkly Rimes  
(A true story)

Once I was a Princess, but that was long ago.
The Castle sat up on the hill; our house was down below.
The Churnet River ran between our house and high estate
But the influence it had on me was immeasurably great.
I would gaze from my bedroom window when the moon was riding high
And I'd see the romantic turrets etched black against the sky.
I became a romantic, a writer of poetry,
All because of a Castle floating in a starlit sea!
What a wonderful experience for a young girl in her teens.
I consider I was privileged to grow-up among such scenes.

Lost Ship by Harry Nicholson  

We saw nothing on the wind-glazed surface,
nothing floating in the spume as we steamed
across her last position on the chart;
no scrap of cargo, not a boiler suit,
nor a crumb of last night’s rice.

In the dark we’d talked
in bursts of dots and dashes,
that other man and me.
We’d clung in chairs chained to the deck,
one hand on the tuning knob
chasing each others' warbling signals
as masts swayed
and phosphor-bronze aerials swung out
wild over the troughs;
the other hand thumping a big brass key -
in the cyclone.

It was sixty years ago – she flew the flag of Pakistan,
a new country. But the ‘Minocher Cowasjee’ was old
I now discover – launched as ‘Parisiana’
by Irvine’s yard in Hartle pool, where my father -
back from his war with Kaiser Bill – might well
have hammered rivets into her, hard against
his own dad’s hammer on the other side of the plate.

Three miles down they’re rusted now, those rivets;
strewn about, forgotten, like Asian mother’s tears.
She’s just another hull – after all,
the ocean floors are flung with ships…

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Theme for This Week 34:

  Plants, Creatures,  and the Cosmos!!
Dig and write, you may be amazed at how creative you are, by simply trying without worrying about the outcome or feedback…best, hope to see you in the party, chicks…

Theme for Next Week?

Week 35 Theme: Next week, let's continue our journey on our life's surroundings: we will do " The Month of May, Spring Storms, Soil, Air..."

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