Friday, December 16, 2011

Poem of the Week ~ Poetry for My Grand Daughters~by Jeanette

At the turn of the 20th Century there set in a strong reaction against poetic diction.This was expressed with vigour by William Wordsworth in his Preface to the second edition of the Lyrical Ballads.He was for the language of the common man, for everyday colloquial speech in poetry, what Shakespeare meant by 'russet yeas and honest kersey noes' and T S Eliot asked for 'an easy commerce of the old and new' but Wallace Stevens presented the idea of the 'anti poetic ' that 'there had to be something special about the language of poetry' .Over all the argument leads us to the conclusion that 'poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions' the language can be simple,the lines may contain one syllable words and the sentences may vary in length.Possessing a deep passion for poetry classical poems have always been an inspiration and a guideline but simple poems appeal to the poetic enthusiast equally well.Reading many talented poets focusing on love, nature, the Ides of March, the woes of the world and relationships I came across a lovely heart warming page  which I instantly related with finding a strong appeal in the relationships and the love of 'family bonds' being a primary concern. Jeanette's  title of the Blog 'Precious Notes ' also reflects on her thoughts feelings and beliefs. In this poem she expresses her deep emotions for the grand daughters as she recognizes the innocent attachment, the joy of togetherness and distances never create barriers if one is close at heart.This is a time of family reunions  and for this week I would like to present 'Poetry for My Granddaughters'

POETRY for My Granddaughters
By Jeanette from the Philippines

Alaina and Peachy came to visit
Prancing and dancing with their little feet.
Their sparkling eyes and sweet smiles
Bring my thoughts across the miles.
How I wish I could bring back time
And cuddle you in these arms of mine;
a kiss from Alaina
Because you are off and we don’t see much
I ask of you to please get in touch.
Years from now I will be old
Weak and sick so I will be told;
And I just wish you will be in sight
Saying, “Hello Grandma! We’ll stay for the night.”

More Mundane Thoughts by Jeanette can be read at


Susie Clevenger said...

A beautiful poem of love...thanks for sharing it.

Gerry Snape said...

i love that this is so much from the heart of a am I and love my 5 too bits though don't see 2 of them as much as I would like. Thankyou.

Morning said...

what a wise pick,

Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden said...

very touching...

Jeannette, said...

hello ms sorry i just opened my email now. thank you very much for featuring my post. i am so overwhelmed! you have encouraged me more to learn the craft and to write more...really lost for words to express myself. i showed my daughters your review of the poem. they couldn't believe it too...thanks again ms anjum...God bless you!

anjum artwriter said...

Thank You Jeanette I have realized over the years that to express oneself in true feelings often produces great masterpieces of art-it is universally related and understood' The best known phrases are simple and single syllabic' to be or not to be'...Great work keep writing and best wishes for all times'