Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Blog Review~ Week 19 ~ The Danforth Anchor

This week I am doing a review on a blog that I am sure most of you have browsed and read this author/bloggers work.
I introduce to you all, Elaine Danforth .

About The Author (in her own words)

I am no relation to the inventors of the actual Danforth Anchor, but on the day I put up my first post in this on-line publication, I learned a little about them.  They were yachtsmen from San Francisco, who designed the anchor to work well in the sandy floors common to the waters around here in the Bay Area. My name is Danforth, and like the Danforth Anchor, I was also born in San Francisco.
Though I am not a sailor, my writing anchors me as I “sail” through life, offering a respite from rough waters or just from having been sailing for too long at a stretch.  My hope is that you, my dear reader, will find something here that brings you a perspective that helps you take time out and check your bearings, so that you can move forward with greater vision and understanding in whatever direction you want to go.

Her Blog

The blog has such a peaceful serene type of welcoming, i think it's due to the template she has used from wordpress, the ocean always bring that comforting, calmness and I have notice this is what her poetry reflects as well.
You will find all recent post on the top right side, where you will also get her archives.Her poetry is all under categories giving the readers direction what poem they would want to read if they in some modd for love,sad, etc.

Her Poetry


Purpose can cut slow and smooth
like water wearing down rock
Or fast and rough, like metal hacking
or saw-toothing through wood,
Or invisibly, it can catch and push
like wind that fills and propels
a sail to drive a boat
from dock to sea
or sea to dock. . .
All as it’s meant to be
moving ahead for the good.

I am Chimnese and it was a pleasure to review this blog,click here I know you want too.
This is a short note from myself too wish all our members and officials that celebrate christmas a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...


he always write for theme, and his words are powerful.

~L said...

Simply enjoy reading about talented poets! Such lovely work! ;)