Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poem of the Week "November, Winter, Change, and Hope"

A weekend welcome to Gooseberry Garden!.The theme "November, Winter, Change, and Hope"had many wonderful poems in .The winter is in and we all cuddle safe at home decorating and ready to welcome the Christmas .To all my poetic friends,an advanced "Merry Chritmas".

This week poem 'A Winter's Tale' talks about the memories of the past winter and thoughts of our poet Rinky Rimes. 

 A Winter's Tale by Rinky Rimes 


The play was over.
All the giggling and terrible acting were done.
We were young village girls
Performing at a neighbouring village hall.
Was it two miles from home or more?
The distance escapes me.
Does it matter?
All that matters is the stars.
That and the frost.

Transport arrived to take us home.
Some would have to 'start walking'.
(In my memory we walked all the way.)
Does it matter?
All that matters is the stars.
That and the frost.

Five of us linked arms
And started walking homewards.
We didn't speak;
We had done with laughter
And bad acting.
Were there five of us?
Does it matter?
All that matters is the stars.
That and the frost.

The memory of that night
And that walk
Is with me still.

'A Winter's Tale'
Demands snow and a full moon.
We had no moon, no snow,
No Christmas-cardy
Effulgence of night-time glory.

We had a dark blue sky,
A billion stars,
And a road fast-crisping
In the icy stillness.

The air was bitter.
Our breath billowed out,
Temporarily clouding the stars.
Branches, whitening before our eyes,
Stood stiffly,
Surely ready to snap.

We walked in unison,
Briskly, because of the cold.
One could almost say we marched.

No words were spoken,
Yet such a sense of companionship
Pervaded that night
That I remember the silence
As a meaningful conversation.

We spread out
Right across the vehicle-free road.
(This was 1947 remember!)

What a poor old 'Winter's Tale'!

No lights,
No snow,
No 'Ho! Ho! Ho!'
No holly berries
Or 'Christmas Merries'
No decorations
Or fond relations.
No carol-singing
Or present-bringing.

Except for the
Sound of flinty feet
On the fast-frosting road.

And the vision of periwinkle stars.

Copyrighted to Rinky Rimes
This is Umamaheswari Anandane from Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind , one of the official in Gooseberry garden feels honored to be a part of this lovely community .


Lets encourage each other and grow together !

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Morning said...

great choice, Uma,

Thanks for the time,

you rock.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

wise pick, Uma.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Thanks for giving my poem such pride of place. I could never have imagined such magic as blogging when I was the young girl walking that winter. Your honour connects me back to my youth; thank you.
Rinkly Rimes

Kay said...

It was such a blessing to have read this poem and return with you to that magical night. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes! What a spectacular time you bring the reader to in their own lives, Uma. I remember my youth and never desire to let it go. Winter is a special time of year. My winters were spent in Germany and the Netherlands, quite memorable and cherished; thank you for taking me back.