Tuesday, June 16, 2020

JP@olive Garden poetry picnic week 63, Mother's Day on May 10th, 2020

Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother's Day 2020 ⋆ Hindi Track Lyrics

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poetry picnic week 58: International World Peace Month at Jp of Olive Garden, 2020 <---2012,

Piglet Picking Flowers - Cartoon May Flowers Clipart, Cliparts ...  

peace, is made by inner strength
peace, is made by soaring energy
peace,is made by humble wishes

everyone prays for peace ..god bless!!!!!

poetry production links, do give these poetry a good review

poetry rocks our world with nice melody,
poetry gives us beautiful hope
and poetry rules in positive energy

poetry is our footsteps
a rush to a forest
a morning dew in a misty morning in october

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

poetry picnic week 61 : sporting and music

5 Useful Golfing Tips for Hot Summer Days

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poetry picnic week 60: summer vacation

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poetry picnic week 59, Children's day in june 1, 2020

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Happy International Children's Day!

poetry picnic week 57: a homerun

Baseball in April and Other Stories | HMH Books

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poetry picnic week 56: April fool

Corny April Fools Day Pranks for sailors

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poetry picnic week 55, Sweet wishes

April Showers Bring May Flowers seasonal Facebook Cover

when the weather is wet
when our mood is cold
when the sun goes hidding
the umbrella is applied,

let the sky shine
let the air run low
let the butterfly flap
a cloudy sky is sometimes we could admire

poetry picnic week 54, fresh air is why we breathe poetry fair

April Showers bring May Flowers by Emeraldia-the-Kitty on DeviantArt

april shower bring may flower,
we love raining season of april

Saturday, March 28, 2020

poetry picnic week 53 : March is Cool

800+ Free May Flowers & May Images - Pixabay

a cute flower blooms ..spring is here

Thursday, February 20, 2020

2020 reflections, poems, free verse, and poetry picnics, they shine

Image result for spring raina and animated images 

Image result for spring raina and animated images 

Image result for spring raina and animated images 

Image result for spring raina and animated images 

Image result for spring raina and animated images

false or true
shine or rain
spring is a ting of ican
an icon or an iron
they smooth things in between

the time is here
all life thrive
all ego boosts
all poems bloom