Friday, December 9, 2011

Poem of the Week ~ Flower Power~by Sherrie Theriault

Dear Friends

It is an honour for me to present to you the 'Poem of the Week'. I am delighted at this unique opportunity across the oceans and continents which manifests that creativity talent encouragement and appreciation are the key words that unite writers all over the world.
The poem 'Flower Power' by Poetess Sherrie Theriault attracts the readers attention by its amalgamation and dichotomy of qualities.As given in the introduction by the writer herself:
The man with the chrysanthemum on his head walks up and down the aisle.  Do I look like that, I wonder to myself?  Have I taken personal style to the point of caricature?  What is the boundary by which the embarrassment is kept at bay?  Is there a point at which I can overcome who I present myself as, and represent the best of who I can be?  Who I might be if only I can manage not to get carried away by impressionism?  I am given this dwelling and it suits me quite well, when I treat it as a temple and not simply as a shrine.' Comparing herself in her thoughts to the man selling flowers reflects great skill in observing reality around us.
 Sherrie lives in Northwest New Jersey where she writes villain-free fiction for children and young adults, creates colouring books for all ages, writes daily inspiration books for the recovery community and has other works of collected poetry.

Flower Power

You and I are more alike than different
Yet we cannot get along
Though I ponder why this surprises me so.

A cloud and a watermelon are 98 % the same
And no one would mistake them in a crowd
Or expect them to be companionable
Except in the way of two things existing in the universe.

My expectation of liking you for our similarities
Is set up by my fear that I don’t like myself
But the joke is on me.

My dislike of you is not a reflection
Of anything but time and space
My friends are the people who like me
Not necessarily the ones who are like me.

The president didn’t like broccoli
Without slurring its good name
And I can dislike you
Without inferring you are a vegetable

The key line 

Do without some things not everything

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The Unknowngnome said...

Wow! Great selection!

Here's the link to Ms Theriault's site.

morning said...

quite a perspective,

excellent job.

Kay said...

Oh, that was delightful! So off the beaten path. It makes me think of the people who keep asking me, "So, are you still a vegetarian?" (I do without somethings, not everything). :)