Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Blog Review - Week 18 - Meenas17's Welbog

Today I decided to review Meenas17’s Weblog. What first caught me was the title of a poem called “A Parade” followed by some pictures of penguins. Reading through the poem is was rhymed and rhythmed very nicely and is quite a catchy poem. Here are two of the latter stanzas from the poem:

“The blue waters flow to the shore,
The orange Sun goes down into the floor,
Black lights up the sky in a quiet score,
The little dark Penguins gather in store.

Up they ascend in a hurry,
Hastening to see the babes in a flurry,
Peeping into their habitats with worry,
They flock reverse in an undue hurry.”

Another poem that caught my attention was one called “Circular Mapping.” The style of poetry which this poet uses is written well and done nicely. The poems are easily relateable without being too obvious and rhymed well.

As well as having poems on their blog, they also have articles that they have reposted. I found this interesting as I do not see many blogs reposting articles. Unfortanutely this author didn’t have an about them section or a way to really see how long their blog has been around. But I love the scheme of their blog and I would recommend checking the blog out. (:

~RobinElizabeth58 (Write.It)


Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden said...

great choice.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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MEENA said...

It is a nice and kind review.Poetry is spontaneous.What comes across, what one perceives and what one experiences are put in verse.For me poetry is therapy that unwinds my emotions.
Thank You Robin Elizabeth.