Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friday Blog Review ~ Week 21~ Pure2Core

This is one of our newest members to The Gooseberry Garden, and what an amazing poet with great insight.
I like the slogan on the blog, "It's not just the site ,this is an insight..."
I introduce this weeks blog review, Pure2Core.

The Author
(in the authors own words)

Poet in me

As much as I remember I started my journey of poetries, when I was studying Fifth standard.My first poetry was on Id- ul- fitr after my first introduction to Hindi in the V th std.I was appreciated by my Hindi Ma’m for writing poem and got a great applause at my class. I developed an intense love towards writing poetries by watching various poets reading out their poetries in DD channel (which used to be the only one channel aired then). My journey continued ….. I started writing poetries in English(though very few) and Tamil(which is my mother tongue) too…. I request you all to excuse me for any kind of language errors b’cos my aim is not to write a literary worthy poem but to vent out my heart’s immensely deep feelings…..

The Blog

This blog is very nice I like the background of it. The Tabs leads you directly to different categories on teh webblog. On the right hand side you will find the blog roll,recent post and welcoming place.

The Poetry

Journey of life

Unplanned journey (birth)

Followed by our foolish plans;(life)

Some coincides

Some goes off the line;

Some granted and

some gets banned;

 some heart’s contended _ others

unfilled thronging in vain;            

outward cries are heard

No peace or silence found;

When end is near for sure

knocking our door step _

Final full-stop

Final full-stop_

All our stupid plans

come to an end;(death)

No one wins or ever loses _

How strange are these

meaningless  plans _

got to get drowned

got to get drowned…………..

I am Chimnese and it was a pleasure to review this blog, click here I know you want too.


Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden said...

a wise choice, Chimnese,

loved his blog.

Taylor Boomer said...

love this. lovely job,

c. c. champagne.