Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Blog Review - Week 16 - The Cello Strings

Today I decided to share with all of you a blog that first caught my attention with the title, The Cello Strings. I thought with a title as interesting as such, it must be worth reading. I can’t find much about the author themself, just that this is their newer blog which has been up since April of 2010. The second poem they posted, As I Open a Book And Turn The Pages, I think is very good at explaining life through a writer, and even more than that.

“As I open a book
And turn the pages,
I walk into lives of writers
Whose word engages.
As I intake soul food
And feel spiritually good,
I cannot help beaming
About some pleasant screaming.
As I scan the news online
To seek extra fun,
I warn myself
To be easy on stuff such as a elf.
As I play a game
That carries my name,
I am careful
Not to be too tame.
As I feel happy and able.
I mean nil harm to those who feel miserable.
Money shall not be everything
In a healthy living,
Harvest what one sows,
That’s how one grows.”

A lot of newest poems on the blog are nicely illustrated, as if the words weren’t enough. Not only are the words to the poems brilliant, but the blog is set up pretty nicely. The archive to sift throuh all the poetry is on the right panel and is sorted by dates. This is an easy blog to navigate if you are looking for a particular poem. One of the poems that stood out to me most was “Shall I Forgive the Shadows

Over all I think that The Cello Strings is an amazing blog and amazing poet. To finish it off, I will leave you with one of their Christmas poems, even though it is from 2010, since it is getting close to Christmas time.


~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)


The Gooseberry Garden said...


you are sharp,

you actually went to the page of 20 months ago to read the post.

incredible job.

The Cello Strings said...

what a surprise.

Thanks for the highlight, Robin,
quite encouraging,

you made my day.

Morning said...


you are so cool,

your poetry blog review is very detailed, and well thought.

Thanks for the treat.

I do love the Cello Strings a great deal.