Friday, December 30, 2011

Poem of the Week ~ Fisherman's Luck ~by RoughWaterJohn The Pirate

Fisherman’s Luck   By                           
RoughWaterJohn  The Pirate
‘It's not the tool it seems, but the use that determines its potential.’ This is the unique philosophy as presented by Poet RoughWaterJohn  The Pirate. I found the theme exhibiting antiquated depth of historical references , the majestic creation , the adventurous roaming on the high seas, the thrill of hunting and the human essential desire in nature of possession, reflected superbly in the poetical lines Beautiful analogy of ‘hunt’ and ‘wit’ and charm’ exploited well with the symbols of fish and bait’ and  a possible comparison of ‘life’ in its joys  and  depressions, but there is hope at the end. A lovely poem to enjoy for this special week…

Though fish for love with hook of charm, and bait of Pirate ways
Colors bright and sleek of form, swims near but never stays
Limpid eyes of azure light, laugh and tease this soul
Swims quite near then darts away, leaves heart an ember’d coal
I sit and watch and laugh out loud, as swims in pretty schools
Through flick of fin and wink of eye, it seems all men are fools
I catch her eye and laugh again, she sees and understands
Through charm she holds me under sway, this Pirate’s in her hands
I change the bait and smile again, for hunt is test of skill
I settle back and share my wit, my poets words can thrill
Though sage of age to younger fish, with age comes wisdom’s bite
To steal away from ‘nother fish, there be no need for fight
Neither he nor Pirate me, have any clue to share
She shares her charms with both of us, with naught to do but stare
She tease us both to swim in school, of other pretty fish
Determined be so carry on, soon I’ll have this dish


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Aye mate, MOST excellent!

Fair winds.....
~Mimi Foxmorton
Pirate Girl

Taylor Boomer said...

what a choice.

great inspirations.

Anonymous said...

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. :-) Thank you for picking one of my poems for poem of the week. I'm happy being a part of the Gooseberry community. Oh, and a big Aarrh to all my fellow Pirates out there.