Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poetry Picnic Week 31: Nature, Color, and Rainbow...

When Magic Comes 2 Impress by Jingle  

On top of a hill,
A figure under the tree, sitting still,
His cheeks glow
as grasses bends below.
To freeze the moment
which will not last,
It’s such a hard task
2 ask.
Here comes a dog’s bark
from the nearby park,
The bumble bee’s hum
suggests a beehive near the farm.
One has to hold one’s breath
2 stop time,
when magic tries to impress,
what a sweet crime.

Absorbing It All by Kavita  

sweet scents titillate
electric hued butterflies
flirtatious blooms call

lingering crisp chills
from a fading winter night
dew perches on blades

young birds awaken
whistling harmless gentle tunes
a lazy oak yawns

fresh moments blossom
into days of springy joy
eyes hungry for more

pollen’s in the air
time for allergic despair
aacchhooo!!!! Scusi please… 

Colors of Nature by Olivia  

Pick up a rainbow and a few metallic shades:
The Sun takes from Red to Yellow,
The Sky that forms the backdrop-
From Blue till Violet,
Sometimes, it reaches till Red.

The nature takes the shades of Green-
Also, Brown- that’s obtained when all colors are mixed.
That all colors when absorbed produce Black,
And when reflected, form White,
is not “logic”, but a Science.

Look above yourself-
Golden is Sun’s fiery rays,
Silvery is the cool Moonlight.
The Stars are the Gemstones precious,
Diamonds and all the colored ones.

The meteors maybe the minerals-
The shooting ones, the white metals..
The burning ones- the yellow metalloid;
Asteroids the other ores,
The Comets maybe the shining crystals!!

Birds, Butterflies, Worms, Flowers-
Take all colors and shades possible..
Humans although take from beige to dark brown,
Seldom shows the gravity of containing all within themselves-
They appear to be hollow’ ones devoid of any color at all!!

Black Beauty by bendedspoon  

Black  is the coal which provides heat
Black is the night where one can see the beauty of the stars
Black is the pencil lead which first introduced me to art of handwriting
Black is the tea that soothes me
Black are the olives in the numnum pizza
Black are my eyes which can see the good in you.

Stones Weathered Smooth by booguloo  

Stones weathered smooth by water and sand
One slips away and falls from your hand
Trying again it slips away from your clasp
Like my bloody heart that’s hard to grasp

The blood from my last piercing’s coat my heart
Watch your fingers I’ll lock tight the gate to start
Your first time was free, now the key you must find
Throwing it into my whirlpool you dive in blind

The end of the whirlpool you fall into bed
Picking up your pen to write what’s in your head
You lay down the pen and yourself back to sleep
Looking for stones weathered smooth as you dream deep

Methods of Submissions:

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Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 8pm, and will stay open until Sunday, 8pm, 7 days for you to share your talent with us!

Theme for next week?

Week 32 theme will be:  Visit online, open an account for your blog if you don’t have one yet, find any headline or twitter contents that interest you and write a poem or prose starting with the twit or with first sentence, have fun!

Keep up the excellence.
Hope to see you share then!

Happy Poetry Picnic! Enjoy Spring Time!


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