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Poetry Picnic Week 17:Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families

Greetings Creative Minds, and Welcome to 

Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 17 (woot woot), 

we hope that you have enjoyed a lovely time talking about (or to) yourself last week! You have done fabulous beautiful job sharing your thankfulness with us, we appreciated it tremendously


This Week, we are having theme “Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families, you shall have enough inspirations to think and write about the theme, if not, don’t panic, submit a random poem to share….

Shrinky-dink Blues
When I was a girl of five, I wanted to be like the boys,
slaying green scaly dragons, filling dirty jeaned pockets,
with mysterious treasures, like rusty, lead blistering toys.
One mystery was solved, my eyes bulged from sockets,
when Tommy the 'doctor', showed what boys hid in zippers.
I screamed from the horror, their anatomy, disgusting
I'd kill dragons and beasties, wearing ruby glass slippers-
explore my vast queendom, in my shrinky-dink bling..
When I was a preteen, I longed for large breasts
I prayed to the Virgin, asked for Jane Russell -its
It was the age to go braless, women roared with their chests,
conformity and unity, with double D wits
Alas, the powers above were deaf to request, so
no venti was I, in demitasse cups, I have cried.
They say beauty is deep, from within it does glow-
who needs bouncing bosoms, I will wear mine with pride!
A woman with child, the three, now a pair,
afraid of the future, to be alone, my worst fear.
No companion to laugh with, no kisses to share,
but with age comes a wisdom, what to let go and hold dear.
Men do not make me beautiful, only I hold this key
with knowledge unlocked, one thing I have learned,
desperation and loneliness are of my own insecurity,
a waste of my time, the hours I have yearned.

Creative Memories
She takes scissors and glue to her past
Memories can be recast
A picture here, a picture there
A collage of images hazy and fair.
Creating memories page by page
Erasing the pain, replacing the rage
The friend who betrayed her is once again true
By deft rearranging, old boyfriends are too.
A friendship that died from a hurtful word
Now vibrant with laughter that can almost be heard
Photoshop fixes the postpartum blues
A glowing new mother she'll carefully choose.
She's tired of memories less than ideal
She'll trash scraps of life that don't hold appeal
Forgetting the parts she wants to conceal
Her scrapbook life will become what is real.

Image Problems
I had this image of you
that you painted yourself
that I completed with my imagination
and a golden frame
my fondest memories
of events yet to happen
were in this image
that was supposed to be you
now we have met and at second glance
it is a picture of a too sunny coast
a painting with cracked vernis
and the frame is now falling apart
since I am back the image is spitting
green stuff
and I give it a week
till it’s gone altogether

Percolating Into Me
I sort through my closet
find you hidden in my clothes
I wear you on me
your scent is like an epidemic
which percolates into me

I give you hood of my emotions


By RiikaInfinityy

Opening up the Pandora’s Box and revealing its content
there it is
the root of all evil
spark off with just gunshots
as I remembered
How many years
since the past we break apart
Is it just my wishful thinking
to yearn for you that appear in my past?
I wish to go back in time
question you about leaving me
in pain and torment
when you said
you’ll never betray me
I never once forget you
your charming smile
your influential words
in your embrace and love
in blood and sin
may the time turn back as I took the last breath of myself…

This is Life in Verse and Morning welcoming You to the Second Poetry Picnic in December of Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Here {¡¡applause!!}
Methods of Submission:

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What About Next Week!!

For Week 18, we’ll have theme “Snow, December, Winter Vacations, and Wildness”, that’s next week. And you can write anything or everything in poetic forms on our theme, hope that you enjoy!


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Happy Poetry Picnic....

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting poems about body image--I especially like the Jane Russell one!

I actually have a new novel out--it is kind of a humorous novel about body image--a girl wanting a nose job, called Nose Dive. I wouldn't include it here but it fits in with the poems posted. K.

Sorry about link - it's on Amazon under Karin Gustafson!

Roy Schulze said...

On Exquisite Corpse we write in 100-word chunks. Sometimes it turns out like poetry, sometimes not. But whatever the case, it at least doesn't take long to read.

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Thank you for the prompt ~

My post is up and happy week to all of you ~

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I enjoyed all of the poetry; very much inspired at the moment. I will indeed become a new follower of this blog. Also, check mine out when you get the chance ------->


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Happy picnic every one!! Had fun this week's theme - thanks for all your efforts in giving us some inspiration to work with! Blessings, Terri

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I've been kind of serious on the blog lately so this is a lttle lighter... a little at least. ;-)

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Thanks Life in Verse & Morning for bringing us together again this week & for highlighting poets whom we might not always get a chance to read.

Mine this week has been slightly revamped & given a new lease of life.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

On This Orange-Hued Day

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as soon as i saw the ship, i knew i had to post my poem Shipwreck for this prompt.

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Link 35 is in error. 36 is the correct url for my poem this week.

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have fun looking at your entry so far.

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I am glad to be part of this weeks poetry picnic. Thanks for the opportunity to share my haiku with you.

Happy Poetry Picnic!!

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Hi there people :)
The blog is looking great and I loved the first two poems up there. The ideas about body image are fresh and very interesting! Especially enjoyed reading your work 'Thingy'. Keep it coming.

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Hello, have posted a poem on theme of Photo - hope you like it

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"Merry" Picnic

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Thanks so much to all who have read, and especially for the wonderful comments, my poem this week; Mostly About the Past. I have a new post, that isn't a poem, but one I think many of you might enjoy, called "Wow!" I also posted a story on Kellie Elmore's blog this week, that was actually the precurser to the poem mentioned above. I encourage you to visit Kellie's blog, where every Friday she invites participants to join in her "Free Write Fridays". The links to my story, poem, and todaay's article are below:
An Ordinary Guy -
Mostly About the Past -
Wow! -
Thanks again!

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oddly enough, I think mine actually sort of fits the topic :D
can't wait to read everyone else's!


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