Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 7 Poem of the Week on Mythology, Culture, and Life

Hello, Happy Saturday!

This is Morning, Well, Ladynimue is on vacation, I am here to represent Poem of the Week on week 6 poetry picnic with Theme of Stories of Mythology, Culture, and Life, hosted by Shashi.

We have seen quite a number of quality entries this week, and on such deep and hard topic, it is amazing to discover some precious talent among our participants.  Ocean deep thanks to all of you who have linked in and shared your thoughts on the theme, or your poetry on random bases. You make us who we are, and please keep your energy and enthusiasms coming…

Week 6 poetry picnic poem winner is given to Heaven for her Dark Love, She has done a very stunning job in understanding and retelling the original stories of mythology. Feel free to read her complete post via the link below:

The bed linen soaked your dark passion
as your hands gripped my pale cheeks
kissing my lips until I was bruised pink
crushed in the death grip of your arms
i felt no tenderness nor waning of your lust
you wanted to scourge my body into hades 

all the flowers from my hair fell, scattered
in the floor, cold and metallic, unlike the soft
garden of my home, now so very far away
your long limbs pressed close, eyes glazing
not even the shadows of the night can hide
your fierce ardor, unapologetic and raw    
my maidenly robe hanged, ripped, crumpled, 
by doorway between earth and hell
I could not tell the difference, forgetting as
I came alive, writhing under your soft mouth
warm, fervent hands kneading my bare skin

my lips sighed, moaned, drowning out
mother’s pleas and cries in the wind
all over the world, her anguish echoed
tears killing the lush meadows, soil
wasteland, barren and empty like her heart

forget, I wanted to, my motherland 
as your lips devoured my cup, filling
every inch of my pure white flesh
in throes of black spell, i felt alive
your queen, replete with your fruits    

offering pomegranate seeds for my rest
a taste of heaven you said, and I took it 
slowly licking reddish pulp from your fingers 
coal eyes glowed with pride as you gazed 
at velvet purple ribbon around my neck  

I strongly recommend that you also check out the following entries to boarder your version of our week 6 theme, I wish I could honor all of you who have spent time writing for the theme and reading your peers to encourage and get inspired, here the following poets are given a honorable mention, keep up the excellence.  Cheers!

 Week 7 Poetry Picnic Theme: Love and Love Lost, Everyone is Welcome to Share!

Bless Your Weekend! 


Scarlet said...

I am very happy that you like my retelling of the myth. Your prompt actually made me read Greek Mythology, and it was fun researching about Persephone. Thank you ~

morning said...

you are welcome, Heaven.

Thanks for the lovely contribution.

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

enjoyed yours a lot, Heaven.

Isadora said...

It is with pride that I "Thank You" for giving me an Honorable Mention. I am pleased that it has fit the category well enough to have been given this title.
With Great Appreiciation,

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

Dear Gooseberry Garden,Deeply Grateful for this honor.Im delighted and much encouraged.I also wish to thank all my readers for their time and valuable comments.
Anjum artwriter

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

Isadora, and Artwriter, you are very welcome.

Happy Saturday.

See you at week 7.

Ed Pilolla said...

thanks so much for the link and mention here! i am very honored.
you made my saturday!

Anonymous said...

Ed, welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi thank you very much for the Honorable Mention! :) It is an Honor!

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

welcome, Ina.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can read additional resources on this topic?