Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 4: Summer Vacations, Grandparents, and Anniversaries,

There is No More Sunday Depression or Monday Blues because it is 
Poetry Picnic Time!!!

Welcome to Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 4, it is TIME to celebrate as we are

Celebrating Jingle Poetry Community One Year Anniversary

... and the topic this week is 

Summer VacationsGrandparents,  and Anniversaries”

And this is Shashi offering you our special treatment this week  
Share 1 to 3 poems, old or new, in any poetry forms with US, and have FUN!

How to link in my poetry?

 Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog.

 Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 8pm (CDT), and will stay open Thursday, 8pm (CDT), 96 hours for you to share your poetry with us...

Upcoming Next Week!! 

For Week 5, we will be back with our normal style and the theme is ” A poetic form known as 


It will be fun to write about what you see around you like may be the bird, the falling apple or the road that is congested with traffic jam... anything that you can write about looking deeply into any object, person, or an emotions, love or feelings...Its going to be fun looking deeper into a thing, but that's next week!

Leaving that aside, let's get back to the main topic here. 3...2...1
*pull the party poppers* 
Poetry Pot Lucky! 

Please Enjoy talented poems below and write on upon your inspirations and thoughts.

The first poetry shared is by Nina Cassian (She is a Romanian poet, composer, journalist and film critic. She has published more than fifty books of her own poetry) And its called... well ...

(...For Barbara Davis)
By Nina Cassian

I love you with the syllables I learned
From Shakespeare’s sonnets, burning, never burned.

Love you with the everlasting sounds
Of memory, your ups and downs
And calm and frenzy, ecsrasy and grief.

I love your life as much as I believe
In elements, in islands under spell,
In howling oceans, magic dew...

When once you called me Prospero, you knew
That I am Caliban as well.
Nina Cassian
(November 27, 1924 - )
To read more about Nina Cassian please click here
For Celebrating Grand Parent’s day here is a nice poetry by Bridget Brown
This is a poem for my grandmother who has been there for me through thick and thin Kathleen Brown – Bridget Brown


Her smile
Her laugh
Are full and rich

Her voice
Her touch
Are soothing and gentle

Her thought
Her feelings
Mean everything

When I’ve got nobody
By Bridget Brown

Source: Family Friend Poems 



नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya


Anonymous said...



submit at this blog or another blog, it is the same, we use the same linkz today...

LBTL said...

Is Gooseberry garden themed only now? Please let me know, I would not want to break the rules. We use to have an option to go off theme but it is not in the intro


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

we welcome random poems as well.

same rule,

you can submit theme fitting poems or random poems at our poetry picnic any time.

referring to LBTL.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

The gooseberry Garden is the new home, today is a special occasion, thus we open up both blogs to celebraTE.

beginning week 5, everything comes back to The Gooseberry Garden with Theme for week 5; object...

JP will be closed next week.

This is for fans who love Jingle Poetry old blog and allow them to visit and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi poets! My poem isn't quite on theme this week, but I have some that are. I'll dig one up in the morning! Have a great week, everyone!

Anonymous said...

anything poetic is welcome.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Poetry Picnic.


Anonymous said...
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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Thanks so much for hosting this! Here's my Sweaty Limerick

Anonymous said...

So sorry Shashi--my first link is just visual, and while a bit summer vacationy and cute, it is not the link I meant to post. It's just a picture--so sorry, don't know how to remove. The second link is grandmother poem.

Kay said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful invitation! It is my pleasure to be a part. Yours truly, Lady Kay

nitewrit said...


I have added a tribute to my great great grandmother.


Rekha said...

Happy anniverary...hope there are many was poetry potluck which helped me keep up verses even when stuck in a rut and the readers that followed is an added bonus. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind remarks, dear poetic friends..

have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Here's a poem from my summer vacation this year! I actually had one for the theme. Yahoo!

Padmavani said...

Posting a poem that is close to the theme. I hope you like it. Looking forward to reading you.


Anonymous said...


will read within 48 hours..

Happy Poetry Picnic.

Anonymous said...

I put in my 9-11 tribute to canines.

Teresa Marie said...

Sorry guys, I messed up one of my entries again. If you go to number 110, Terri, and remove that one, I reposted it by the title instead. My deepest apologies. :(

Anonymous said...

Great prompt. I submitted two pieces, the first one I recently wrote from a very early memory. The second was simply my mind wandering around on vacation, while my body was trying to work.

The Poet said...

Congratulations Jingle Poetry Community!

Mine's not on theme, but a new one all the same.

Have a great week everyone!

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...


I am off line for 6 hours in a row,

after I came back home at 10, I read two dozens of you.

will continue my reading tomorrow.

keep your talent coming.


indiwriter said...

Hi Gooseberry,
This time round I've pitched in with a lovely poem that has nothing to do with summer..

Just a poet

Shail said...

Yep, right on cue, a poem about summers of childhood :)
Back after a two week break :)

Anonymous said...

Better late than never, right? I found it extremely difficult to do poetry about my grandparents (though I have written plenty of longer scribbles about them)... Thank you, as always for this cozy little picnic among the gooseberry bushes!

Anonymous said...

first time here. i hope you all enjoy my poetry.

Anonymous said...

my entries are the ones labeled "The Crimson Crow's Poetry.

tigercity said...

I linked my blog homepage by accident when the following poem was intended..

Nate said...

thanks for inviting me to your blog!

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary, Jingle Poets Community!!

Isadora said...

I chose the anniversary theme since I just celebrated my anniversary in August and had written my husband a poem.
Happy Anniversary and may your have many, many more.

Anonymous said...

I linked a poem that is a tribute to my Grandmother. Happy Anniversary!

The Gooseberry Garden said...

Talented poets,

what a thrill to see you in.

Have fun!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

shared one on summer vacation,

hope that you enjoy it.

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Ok finally could post my poetry with the theme ... along with a very powerful poetry from Alfred, Lord Tennyson at the Death Anniversary of his great friend Arthur Hallam... called "In Memoriam A H H" in 1849, which was originally titled "Way of Soul".

Its a very powerful poem which was also a great favourite of Queen Victoria, who found it a source of solace after the death of Prince Albert in 1861: "Next to the Bible, In Memoriam is my comfort."

Hope you like my Haiku and my verse "In Memories" and look forward to reading yours this weekend.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
At twitter @VerseEveryDay

rohit Iyer said...

Hi everyone!

My post's titled "The Departure" and I see vacation in my post. Summer's in the beholders' eyes :D
All luck to everyone. Keep blogging!!


wanderer said...

hi every one how is life at your end? I am keeping quite ill, but that never stops me from visiting the garden where verses are exchanged and nurtured so well.