Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JP @ Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 39: Halloween 2012 Special!

Hello, It has been months since we run last poetry picnic, we miss You a great deal!

                                                            It's End of October Again, 
  Time 2 Party with Your Friend,
  Let's Make Poetry Rhyme,
Yep, Since It's P-O-E-T-R-Y P-I-C-N-I-C Time!

Welcome to Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 39, it is TIME to enjoy some poetry in haunted and creepy manners, that’s right, because it is Halloween Time!!  

This is Helen Obama  welcoming You  to the end of October Poetry Picnic Party Here! 
Upon reading some spooky piece from your peers, please let your dark muses rise, 
 write and share your poetry talent with us, remember,
 anything haunting, dark, orange, red, or grey related, or autumn 
related are WELCOME  here! You can also share a free verse if you wish!

All Hallows Eve -An Acrostic by Victoria-liv2write2day

Any soul not yet at rest
Loosens the grip of uncertainty,
Leaves the abode of the dead, wanders
Here and there amongst the living.
As darkness enfolds earth’s visage
Lost spirits roam, hungering for
Love once refused, lessons to be learned.
Only those still in this realm who understand
What is required to seek fulfillment
Strive to offer hope and prayers.
Even these must wait to cross
Vast worlds and unexplained dimensions
Eventually to rest in peace.

Brief Day Ends by Steven Federle

October slips
past golden hills
as traffic
through the narrow valley slides, 

glittering serpent
past thrashing grass

while high atop the street lamp, 
stands the black vulture,
wings extending

massive and dark
and still,

this new season 
of death.

Moon Shadows by Ginny Brannan  

Just for fun, in honor of Halloween 2011

Late night, moonlight casts shadows on the wall;
floor creaks, curiosity piques, I tiptoe down the hall.
Cat jumps, heart pumps faster with this scare--
another sound, I glance around, and whisper soft “Who’s there?”

The clock ticks out the minutes; no one says a word;
no other sound is heard.

Standing still, sheer force of will, seeking inner calm.
I confess, am quite distressed—feel the sweat-drenched palm.
Turn around, bedroom-bound, when movement catches eye--
deep breath, scared to death, something’s still awry…

Outside echoes, “whoo, WHOO?” of owl up in the tree.
Cannot help but wonder, “Who it is indeed?”

Wide-awake, cannot shake this feeling of forebode,
not insane, but can’t explain what has gotten hold.
Turn on lights, doors locked tight-- all is safe <or is it?>
Am I host to some old ghost, on his midnight visit?

No one will believe it; they’ll say this allegation
is just another figment of my imagination.

©  Copyright Ginny Brannan October 2011

halloween by On Paper Wings
no one is who they are
or what they seem
on this night of all nights

(the wicked witch has a heart of gold)

the scientist prepares to
perform an operation
on the tray of celery sticks

(his monster is quite healthy)

ghosts and goblins
run down the street
screaming "Candy! Candy!"

(for inside, they're sweet)

the chill wind blows
through the knee-high weeds
and rouses a murder of crows

(black against black as they mount to the rising sky)

Autumn Introspection by Miss Kitten  
A few leaves still remain,
Stubbornly refusing to fall.
Though most of their kin
Have already formed
A pretty orange carpet
On the forest floor.
The old leaves have to go
Eventually, or else
They’ll die clinging,
Shriveled and brown
To the branch of the tree.
The tree knows all about
Letting go.
It knows that life
Cannot be renewed unless
One first removes the old,
And the dead.
Such is the life of a tree.
Such is life.

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For Week 40, we will have theme Milky Way, Stars, Moon, Seasons, and Sunset.
What fun it is, that's next week!

Since this is a virtual party, 
every poet who blogs is invited and welcome here, 
Please dress yourself with Halloween customs, feel FREE to join Us and 
Share your poetry treats, old or new, theme related or unrelated, in any poetry forms!

Helen Appreciates Your Continued Support and Beautiful Poetry Talent Here!
Please take a moment, post a poem,  share, and enjoy a spooky but fun time
"Trick or Treating" !

H-A-P-P-Y P-O-E-T-R-Y P-I-C-N-I-C!

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