Sunday, June 3, 2012

Poetry Picnic Week 37: Peace in Love, Peace in Families, Peace Among Friends, and Peace Around The World...

Good Evening, Superb Poetic Minds or Individuals!
today we are inviting you to join us for week 37 poetry picnic party, where we work hard, intending to discover peace in nature and at home, at work, or around the world...peace is the moments of stillness, it is the mindset that makes your life more joyful and positive...we value peace, encouraging you and your friends to search the meaning of it, and make moves to secure peace, or bring peace to troubled landscapes...wars are opposite of peace, we ask our country leaders to stop wars today, peace heals, peace shines, let's work together to make the world better place to learn, live, and believe!  Cheers! 
May Peace and Peaceful Force BEE With U!

JiPoRaFoWoPeMo Rocks!
Pursue World Peace Starting Today!

Peace by Jian Olivacob
Nuclear weapons freeze.
Prisoner release,
No more palms to grease,
All hostilities must cease.
To this world, only a lease.
The insanity,
Nuclear war?
Not Peace?
Only stumps,
No trees.
Poison carried,
On the breeze.
Let's have peace.
For peace.
Then hostilities,
Will cease.
No more wars,

Peace of Mind by Samson Putian

Peace of mind is when you have all you want
Can you find all you want?
You try but not enough
You can try all you want
But is that enough?

Peace of mind Is the hope we seek
Willing to forgive
And able to proceed

Peace of mind is finding what you love
Who you love
And how you love

Peace of mind is finding where you love
Live the love
And breeding the love

Peace of mind is comfort
Willing to believe
And living to be free

Peace of mind is not vague
It’s worth everything
Worth fighting for

Christmas Eve: 1875 by Indie Coolbirth

Peace in the snowy breast,
O cloud from storm at rest!
Peace in the winds that sleep
Upon the deep.

Peace in the starry height:
Peace infinite,
Through all the worlds that move
Within His love.

O! all sad hearts, that be
On land or on the sea,
God’s peace with you rest light
This Christmas night!

And with the souls that stand
In that dear land
Where pain and all tears cease,
Most perfect peace!

Peace Comes If Only by Gajayan Mishenj

Peace never comes
The way you want
Peace comes only
Within you
If there is no desire
Within you
Peace comes only
If your movement is free
Free from attachment
Peace comes only
If your are not
Peace comes
Peace comes.

 Operah by Walter lohupelor

where the altar of love is
your love is peace
your love is peace
ah! i have seen the tempo of your love
your love is peace
your love is peace
ocean of passion
passion as mansion
operah where the altar of your love is
your love is peace 

Theme for Week 37?
 Peace in Love, Peace in Families, Peace among Friends, and Peace around the world...

How About Week 38?
For week 38, We plan to  have Humor in Creativity, Summer Joy at Home, Worldwide Culture, and Family Relations as our theme…have fun!

 Happy Poetry Picnic Week 37 Today! Giggles!

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