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Poetry Picnic Week 26: Seven Deadly Sins

Welcome to Jingle Poetry @ Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 26, 

Last week's poetry picnic was a GREAT one, where the Jingle Poetry Community has had a great opportunity to learn and share poetry on military, ... and we officials at the poetry picnic are happy about the response that You give us. Thank you very much.
This week is going to be very interesting too as we are going to touch upon seven deadly sins, well, everyone got a few, let’s spend some time self checking, or peer picking. Take a sin and study about it, then write what you think of it…Read the samples below, then join us...



Shop ’till you drop
And lusting the night away
What emptiness filled?


Stuffing down dinner
Eating when you’re not hungry
Emotions packed


Must have and more
Never enough when feeling less
Running on empty


Ah, discouragement
No faith in God or in Man
Swim in depression


Wence comes this rage
And hatred is your hallmark
Angry with your Self


Other’s good brings low
In your backpack, jealousy
Feeling valueless


Arrogance and pride
Heavy indeed your burden
Narcissistic you

Greed by Shan  

On plush leather chairs,
And air conditioned avarice,
They sit and decide our fates.
These suits.
These hierophants of etiquette.
Below in the streets,
People fight for aid sent
from overseas.
They throw money at the armed
well muscled guard.
My child is ill.
My family starves.
Coffee is served.
With ginger biscuits.
Ties are loosened,
And money exchanged.
Not pennies,
Like below.
Uncomfortable laughter.
As consciousness
becomes a figment
and a bank balance.
A memory.

Patterns by u keep moving forward  

I only write because I am
Tired and too weak to resist;
Otherwise I would push
The swollen part of myself
Back down to the core of me
And let it marinate,
Waiting for the sweet air
Of expression to connect
With it, allowing the fully
Flavored pain to explode onto
Paper, soaking through
Layer after layer as
The pen presses harder
Against the resisting desk,
Trying to break it apart
With frenzied stabs
And strokes.
I pull the pen back,
Dip it in the
Pure oxygenated blood of my heart, and let
It drip across
The page in random patterns.

Armani Pride by Chris G.                 

Armani, sir, don’t you mind
The scales underneath the silk—
My tongue is worth a hundred souls,
My pen a thousand more.
The world, my throne, self-carved—
I think mere mortal knowing
Might yet be deigned to see
Some tracest memory
Of wealth, innumerable, that lies
Within this fairest grace.
Before the pride, yet rides The Fall,
One-winged angel recompense
With Hell and Fire resolute
This passion, wild, divine
Will never bow nor know
Another master but its own—
Smile through the pain,
For you and thee are nothing but
This maddened laughter spouts
From believer, know er, all.
Cast me down, you break me down,
It is of your own pathetic drives—
Kill it, beat it, des-e-crate it,
Such a base begotten crave
Of jealousy, and ranched salivation
Of those below the knowing
Of this manicured salvation—
All I need, the dollar, plastered
Forming yet eternal
The foundations of my history.

Seven Deadly Sins by Emmanuel Ibok  

 On the high throne
the judge sits
about to pass verdict
for sins commit.
Her name is called
and I’m the issue
“Remember when you lied?”
the Judge counted
“promised you’ll love him
deceive him to believe
cheat on him in secrecy
lavish his cash
file a divorce
and took all his wealth
She tried to plead
like it was a sin
she inherited
not one she committed
but the verdict
had been concluded
and a seven deadly sins count
was charged against her
for my useful life
she rendered useless
my life could not be
as my body slept
peacefully in its casket
and my soul taking flight.

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What Makes A Woman Beautiful

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