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Poetry Picnic Week 25: Military, Soldiers, and Veterans

 Trenton Passmore and Tom Woo, 
Super Kids Day, Sangre Ridge Elementary School,

Our poetry picnic week 25 theme is: Military, Soldiers, Veterans, or poetry dealing with physical, mental, and emotional healing…  

You have About less than a  Week to work on this topic, submit to us and share any time, officials are taking a three week break, so come in when you have a moment to read or submit, we will never stop reading or encouraging you, as for posting here, we will start fresh again for Week 26  on March 1, 2012.....  

Tom and Friends, at Tom's Birthday Party, Home...

While you are linking your entry to us, make sure to link your entries to Bradley’s blog at the same time (see the link below), Thanks in Advance!…Anti-war, Politics, etc. will not be acceptable. 

Tom, Justin, and Sheng, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1999

Alive 2 by Ruchi Jain  

A silent winter eve
Was stepping on sand
Moving along a running beach
Gazing two holding hand
Only they were known
Else everything was strange
That eve, sand was soft
And sun shined orange

Waves were calm
And water was cold
A sheer love was new
Else everything was old

She wanna hug
He wanna kiss
They wanna die with
Their last lively bliss

They had less time
As life was near to end
Last minutes all together
They only wanna spend

In the sea of love
They took the last dive
Their bodies are no more
But their Love is still alive.

Confessions Of An Addict by Craig Watson  

I want to ravish you
But I’m afraid
I may fall in love with you
Or should I say deeper…
I no longer care about the outcome
I know that you’re never going anywhere
Because it’s imperative that you’re in my life
I don’t want you
I need you!
You’re the sense in my train of thought
You’re the pulse
That you need to feel…
Indicating Life
Just thinking of being away from you
I’m lost…
In the past
A fear overcame me
I didn’t want to jeopardize anything
You’re a great asset to my life
But like I’ve said…
I’m no longer worried about the outcome
You’re going to be around forever
No one could ever say anything…
I will forever love you!

You by  Bradley Peraino 

You have sacrificed and suffered.
You have bore the Nation's pain.
You have fought the fight of freedom.
You have helped liberty reign.

You have given up so much for the
old Red, White, and Blue. So, from
the bottom of heart, I give my thanks
to you!

On a sad day we tell our stories
of risk and surprise, of life and loss,
of having won, even in the midst of defeat.

We war with each other, with ourselves,
with the internal conflicts found in conscience,
with the enmity in relationships.

Still, we find time to sing, sing the old song,
the new song, to pray, to recite endearing terms
of love, of longing, those songs of passion,
on a sad day.

Calculation by Nicole Wian  

Love is war of flesh and might, sweat and tears.
        Sometimes fight,
        Sometimes flight.

                 I’ve battled weary like a soldier, armed with
                                   weapons of all kinds.
                                             Now a veteran, I lay wounded
but undefeated.

War whoops,
                silenced, I hear a new cry, a new call
to drop my arms.

Throbbing from pain caused fervor, I will endure.

                   Mental calculation trumped as the inner man beats
                                                                    his breast
for glory.

The body is a frame,
The picture, Spirit
and I will be sustained.

For the Love of Humanity –redux by California Ink in Motion  

Dew laden palms hang under midnight glow
reflecting lunar diamonds off green spears.

soft evening breeze brings forth a dancing flow  
small shocks of light reflect within each tear

which falls to earth 
its high collective perch 
one small drop at a time

cascading journeys sliding southward bound
night’s swirling mist create pools on the ground

and with each teardrop’s tiny splash 
an echoed cry through smoke and flash

turquoise tattered butterflies stop to view
as clouds dissipate with sun’s mourning dew

the path is dangerous but clear
yet they hear the world’s voice
 and know they’re near

the shifting paradigm of consciences
will let the light shine on all injustice

be free brave little butterflies 
take your wings and expose the lies

the soul of the earth has
been assaulted with bombs and gas

for the love of humanity 
lay down arms of insanity

a global evolution has begun
What a unique time to be in the sun.

Sheng batting at baseball field, 2007

Week 26 Theme:  Seven Deadly Sins

So let your imagination soar to the greatest heights, and immerse in the Milky way... write on! Of course, you can always submit random poems to us, keep your talent coming our way…  ;)

Tom and Pandi

Tom and Sheng, London, England, 2000

Sheng and Blue, Yellow Balls

Tom in Beijing, Summer, 2009

Sheng in Germany, 1999

Tom plays Baseball, He hits home run a few times each season.


Image Credits: Google.com


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First off, thank you so much for this theme! My husband is a soldier and it means so much to hear and read the respect for what he does.
Ooops, though, my poem doesn't fit the theme (:

Anonymous said...

First off, thank you so much for this theme! My husband is a soldier and it means so much to hear and read the respect for what he does.
Ooops, though, my poem doesn't fit the theme (:

Chèvrefeuille said...

I didn't write a haiku on the theme for this weeks Poetry Picnic. I have contributed one of my essays about Matsuo Basho (1644-1694). He was a samurai and a haiku poet. So there is a link with the theme, but ... come and see for yourself.

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Jules said...

(Tues Feb 7, 2012)
for Reverie #5 Sound and Fury
http://namingconstellations.wordpress.com Joseph Harker
This was my second attempt at Reverie #5, my first one was posted at Joseph's site, but I think this one fits this sites' prompt :)

No Calamity, Jane
G.I.Jane doesn’t want a Barbie
She wants bullets to flow
Hitting targets and bullseyes
Quick and sure

None of Mom’s domestic chains
Just enough oil for this girl
To lube her gun and no flaws
In her aim

Never mind pop - loud bangs and booms!
She’s got her wings and is thinking straight
Digging deeper fir the treasure; They’ll be
No middle ground

No sitting around wasting syllables
Trying to get rhythm when there’s rotten
To be hunted and good to be set straight
Fight for right

G.I.Jane just wants combat boots
She want sot see the world
And make it safe for the children she might have
One fine day


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I'm very late.But i posted. :) Hello to all.

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