Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 15 (XV): November, Winter, Change, and Hope

Greetings Earthlings, Friends, Welcome to 

Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 15, 

we hope that you have enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving holiday! And you have done such beautiful job sharing your thankfulness with us on week 14, we wish to let you know that your inputs are appreciated it tremendously.

This Week, we will handle cases on November, Winter, Change, and Hope, you shall have enough inspirations to think and write about the these stuff [we hope].

Peace Under the Ice and Fire Moon

In the night of darkness
the breeze of ice and fire blew by
A lullaby was heard in form of waves
I should sleep with peace for

Loose Change

I turned over a new leaf
Which was attached to a branch
Linked to a trunk
Rooted in the ground
The cold dark earth
The warm light earth
Where used to reside the roots
Linked to a trunk
Attached to a branch
That held a leaf
Which turned me under
When you don't know
where your story's going
because you don't know where
your life is going.....


Keep going.
Go with the
flow or go against the grain
but, go.

There is healing in movement.
Move loudly in protest
or move slowly in silence
but be
moved. To tears,
to action,
to goodness,
and on toward necessary change.

You worry
you're wandering.
but steps mean trust and the path is hidden only from your weak eyes.
Strain, seek. It will one day be made plain.

Changing Lanes (or A road trip with Poe)

The car is out of control, careening corners
and Edgar Allen Poe has commandeered the radio

Every channel he turns to the songs are so dour,
and between them, even using his happy voice,
dj E.A.P. can't make the news more bleak---

He mumbles something about populous pits
and politicians controlling the pendulum,
or---maybe he said asylum, it was his
third point so i forget.

Looking east, I wish on satellites, somewhere
over Georgia in decaying orbits, a 'little
change in my pocket' and though it may
be little, it is Change, You Can Believe In,
at least what is left after taxes---

We dreamt once, but the raven's wings
blot the horizon & without the sun we've lost
direction, we just sing along to songs replaying
but don't stop to think what the words are saying

"Nevermore, nevermore," I hear, then ask


He sighs, "Take me back to Baltimore,
so I can Usher in the Apocalypse."

Brakes squeal, smoke from our tires passing us,
"Get out! I know you been here before, so poor
you burned the furniture, but I can't take it anymore.
You may wall yourself up in the wine cellar, but
as long as I have two cents to rub together to keep
warm and share, I refuse to settle for a better future
we won't recognize when we see her."

He stares grim, then the raven once more hugs
his head from behind, covering his eyes

And my heavy heart settles in my foot on the gas
leaving his last words hanging, "For the love of God!"
by the side of the road

Out the window, I answer, "Yes, For the love of God!"
because, I refuse to become another disillusioned victim, just
in time to hear a campaign ad come over the radio, so sing
at the top of my lungs---

"Don't gimme no lines, an' keep your hands to yourself."

This is Life in Verse and Morning welcoming You to the Last Poetry Picnic in November at The Gooseberry Garden Here.

The Amazing Kay Salady posts biweekly and will host next week, we appreciate your patience with us.

Methods of Submission:

Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog.

Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 2pm (CDT), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8pm (CDT), 78 hours for you to share your poetry with us...

What About Next Week!?!

For Week 16, we will have theme “My Life In Free Verse”, which means YOU are the subject of your writing, and you write anything or everything in poetic forms about yourself, and submit to us to share, it is almost like FREE Linking, Enjoy!

Image Credit: Riika


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...


Happy Poetry Picnic.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

Have fun.

take your time.

Scarlet said...

Thanks for the prompt.

My post is up ~

Becky Sain said...

Yay! I'm in... and I think I even go along with the prompt, double yay!

Daydreamertoo said...

We just had about 8 inches of snow here, thankfully its nearly all gone from having warmed up this past 3 days but, our winter is on its way.
Thank you to all for the prompt.

The Poet said...

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday/Monday!
Thanks to Life in Verse & Morning for hosting this week.

A nice start to the week too with poems from RiikaInfinityy, wordcoaster, Confessions in Stories & WaystationOne.

Mine's a little musical number.

Have a great week all. Looking forward to some late night reading!

A Sweet, Spanish Flower

Anonymous said...

the other day, i saw this scene in the desert. i went back took pictures, found the best pic, edited it, and then wrote a poem. i think this is about me. this is what i like to do.

Kay said...

Lovely prompt! I decided to entitle my poem November, Winter, Change & Hope. I hope you enjoy it.

Rinkly Rimes said...

As we're just entering a hot Australian summer I couldn't get into a wintry mood! So mine is an oldie, but a heartfelt oldie.

Ramesh Sood said...

Happy to be here... thanks to everyone..spreading happiness and joy and getting connected..

Nel said...

This week's piece is a short and slightly relevant.

Wishing you all a great, productive week. =)

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

Happy Poetry Picnic

Anonymous said...

Mine is tenously following the prompts, it is about some changes I faced in the winter...not a lot of hope at that point though.

Isadora said...

As always ... a wonderful prompt.
Thanks for the challenges.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

some fun entries here,

thanks for the prompt.

emanita01 said...

Emanita01 here. Guess I'm coming from another place & time. Didn't receive the prompt as all included.
Hope jumped out at me.

And as I hoe that Sara will come back among us...

There you have the reasoning behind my post. Hope it will be okay.
If not, I'll try to concentrate better when I read the next prompt :-D

JBinford-Bell said...

First came the photograph. One of many of November's ice and then I found your topic fit so well and so the poem.

Alexandria said...

It took me a moment to find the new site >< glad i found everyone lol

Anonymous said...

LOVE the poetry selections! Especially the long one, I would like to post that on my blog :D
Thanks for forcing me to write a poem :) I can't wait to read some others,


Anonymous said...

love the image and poetry!

Anonymous said...

Jingle, Thanks for sending the invite and reminding me to get back into the potluck. Just submitted an entry.

Hope to read others and look forward to enjoying the feast.


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

welcome, all of you.

have fun!

William Leed said...

Thanks for the opportunity. I linked my poem but I had to retry. The first one, #135, didn't work, you can delete that link if possible.


The Orange Tree said...

write one on winter.


Happy Poetry Picnic.


Gerry Snape said...

today is the 30th November, the twins 10th birthday and joy of joys for them....the teachers are on strike here in England so a whole day with mum...hmmmm
Life goes on!

ZQ said...

I'm in

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

welcome, folks, thanks for sharing.

will visit you now.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thanks for the invite. Will be posting again.


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Not really on topic this time, but still wanted to get a post in there! Still so wonderful to have this opportunity! *smile*

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Dang, I got well too late to participate. Ah well - next week!

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