Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tale Spinning - Friday Blog Review - Week 41

Hello readers (and fellow writers), today we are going to look at Stuart Nager’s blog, Tale Spinning.  I was first drawn to it by the brightly coloured background and the layout.  Easy to navigate and simply laid out.  His blog not only contains amazing poems but also some amazing stories.  There are also illustrations and images to go along with pretty much every post--at least all the ones I’ve seen. He is also pretty easy to find simply by Googling his name.  This specific blog seems to have posts since February 2011 but he has been writing longer than that.  His official website is here. But on with the review of his blog.

All of his poems seem to be brilliantly written, but one of the ones I really loved was Silence, Leading To...  Below is just a bit of them poem, you can click on it to go to the poem on his blog.  

Another great poem he posted right after is called How Are You Doing, here is a portion of it.

On an ending note, one really cute short story he wrote is called Connect The Dots and I highly suggest you read it.  I hope you enjoy his blog and writing as much as I have.
~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)