Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poem of the Week 39: Wiserskydiver

Hello, poets, we have lots of outstanding entries this week, well, I am encouraged by your enthusiasm and support, as for poem of the week, I pick this one, which is haunting itself as a metaphor of ghosts...Enjoy!

Fight of My Demons

I am in a constant state of war
The stuff that churns my wheels is burning in hells fire
even though beautiful people surround me i can’t be at peace
This rage is driving me wicked
It use to be about them and now its just I
I am not selfish but lately i haven’t even been Me
Fear is adding spirits to the fog
Ghosts of the pasts haven’t even left yet
Dark thoughts have stricken me and my actions are confused
I swear i am not a crusader
I can’t fight this off easy
I wish to be Me when it was we