Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Superstorm Shows Blue and Bitter by George Lincoln

Greetings, how is your Saturday?

The day is sunny, in its 70's, we have fun playing music and making new friends...hope that your weekend is a good one.

There are solid support to our week 41 or end of the year poetry picnic, i love seeing your styles and talent shine in this sparkling place, reading you is a pleasure...

for poem of the week, I decide to highlight a piece that relates to Sandy or a super storm...enjoy!

The Superstorm Shows Blue and Bitter  by George Lincoln 

The Super storm's color is blue and bitter,
It covers the active land as a disaster.
Women are comfort to move on to November,
The losses and wound are tearful to remember.
Courage is made of wisdom and wonder,
The aftermath of violent weather to labor under.
Cypress bush is crow dark,
Men are goat-teeth in your heart.