Monday, November 19, 2012

Poetic Reflection Week 41: Deadly Butterfly Betrayal

Tell us about yourself, please?

Once given a name by the meaning of eternal ruler of her own world, I am a love of darkness. I do no consider myself more of a writer but a creator of my own little world. I am not born from an English speaking family but it is such a powerful tool that allow me to write and create images to allow my readers to see the beauty of my world. As I said before, English may not be a subject that I can score well in, but it definitely a language that I can use to write fantasy with.

Often, you will see that most of my poetry are accompanied by an image, this is because being an artist and designer, I paint my world with beautiful images to create stories, which sparks from inspirations and imaginations. I also used to design logos, banners and websites for community and friends as well. 

I am currently studying in DigiPen, Bachelor of Arts In Game Design, in hope to become a game designer one day which I am able to bring my semi-graphical novel to life, which means making it a real game which every gamer can actually play.

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?
When did you start blogging?

My blog is Deadly Butterfly Betrayal, a combination of darkness and sadness lurking within. Butterfly is a sacred species that sometimes related to the word, life. In my blog, I wish to portray my interpretion of life in my own world to my readers. I had especially chosen the dark theme of sadness as I think that I can relate more to that than the light theme of happiness. And also, Deadly Butterfly Betrayal is a symbol of loyal to friends and loved ones, which means that I am trying to tell people about my personality and thoughts with the poems I had written. Anything inside the blog is all about the truth I seen and things that I wanted to share with everyone. It is not just poetry, but thoughts that can relate. Though I did not really focus much of personal stuffs, but then you should often see emotions and feelings spurring out from a few poetry work that sort of highlights my life.

What are your writing inspirations?

My inspirations come from my daily life basically. Honestly speaking, I never once consider myself as a happy person. I don't think it is a bad idea because I am able to use my emotions to write on the topics which not many people like to touch on, for example sadness, it is so simple yet it is so difficult to portray as there are many different meanings to it.

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

I believe that as long as a poetry is able to relate to the readers out there, it is good enough. I do revise my work and get opinions from friends before I posted it onto my website. 

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

I started writing poetry when I created my blog just last year June. I also writes a semi-graphical novel series, Tributes of Sonia. The series is set to have a game within game system and a game environment which readers can actually "play" while reading the e-book. I have developed this new concept into a novel because I think that it might be much more interesting than just having a book that you can only read. Everything in this series is a combination of my hobby and passion. The first two books had been published and are free to download, to find out more about it, you may check out this link:

Do you have a favorite author or poet? Please include her/his blog link.

 It will be Percy Bysshe Shelly and my favorite poems of his will be "Lines" and "War". To find out more about him, check this link, or for his works,

Can you share a piece of your work or a poem that best represents your talent? Please include the poem content along with your poem link of your blog.

I would like to share my latest work, River of Tears. 

Twinkling in the night
Upon surfacing into the view of aurora
Tears wept into the river of despair
Silence cries for hope
Dreams become the reality of sorrow
Promises become droplets of death
Minds no longer as a whole
Insanity torn the soul apart
Wandering into the
River of Tears
to be released
from the
reality of sorrow

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

I am well versed with technical management with blog and I am able to help with the design and feel of the website, and that is why I decided to support Jingle Poetry Community , including JP @ Olive Garden, with the skills that I have acquired over the past few years. 

What's your plan for your future writing? 

As I did not have much time now since I am studying right now, I wish to continue writing Tributes of Sonia after I graduated smoothly because that is what I have in plan since I started writing the series. I hope that I am able to make use of what I had learned within these two years to develop Tributes of Sonia to a new height of a semi-graphical novel series in a game-like environment.