Monday, November 5, 2012

JP @ Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 40: Milky Way, Stars, Moon, Seasons, and Sunset!

Greetings! Welcome to Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden Poetry Picnic Week 40,
This is Helen Obama  welcoming You  to the first poetry picnic in November Here!

You have done absolutely beautiful Job on week 39, 
I am thrilled to see you share and invite you for another week's fun!

As you know, for week 40, We have theme Milky Way, Stars, Moon, Seasons, and Sunset, do you have poems touching such topics? Share, old poems are welcome, or read our samples, do a research on topics provided, post and share…

Bareback on Moonbeams by  Misky

Fold this creamed moon with affection,
your clouded smile shrouds  lakes,
coaxing the huntsman to harness
moonbeams and chase nightfall across my
dreams like skipping stones teasing water.
And tonight he comes for me.
He rides moonbeams bareback in pursuit
of my fallow heart, the huntsman gathering
up my leaden sorrows and stealing them
away into the soft pleats of the night.
And tonight he comes for me.
Be gone this devouring weakness
and cold tears that scald and roll.
Be lost into the hollows of night,
and carry my fragile heart away
with the huntsman’s celestial kiss.

Eeyore Furore By Edwin @Home

We are downhill freewheeling
Everything is going right
The universe is happy feeling
We're pushing an open door tonight

Effortless like a tiger's jump
We are coming up trumps
Right until the moment when
It all comes crashing down again

Lycaon of the Lower East Side by Steven Marty Grant  

Full moon Friday calls:
The promise of night
cloaks the travertine
and glass temples of man.
Silhouettes shape-shift
beyond streetlight glare
and gather in the shadows.
I am the seventh son;
dark ruler of alphabet city,
hungry in the lunar phase.

Satisfaction struts
in 4 inch heels
down Bleecker Street,
Chanel marinade
follows the footfall.
I watch with amber eye
and hold my tongue
behind eager teeth.

Tonight she will be my love,
and I will finally sleep--
safe from Aconitum dawn.

Nutty Limerick by Madeleine Begun Kane

A man who was rather a nut
Held a broad definition of smut:
With standards unbending,
He’d freak when attending
A film, often shouting out “Cut!”

Stout by NTXHaiku

Rich rusted leaves cling
The last to tumble to earth
Sturdy stout old oaks

Dreaming of Shadows by Robin Elizabeth

Shadows lurked above as
she felt her chest tighten.
Fear     paranoia     sheer terror.
The long fingers of the trees
reached down at her
threatening to tear at her
and pull
She gasped for air as her skirt
caught on a bush
hiding behind one of the trees
still reaching out for her.
Tears in her eyes as she realized
this was a dream.
She looked out her bedroom window
at the old decaying tree.
It couldn’t come to life.
                                  Could it?

disappoints, not by

it’s why i’m a writer
because life is in balance
a seesaw, tipping
i see life through a lens
that looks for what’s interspersed
as opposites
each sting
has a petal
i can hear what you see
when i am grateful
to be alive
behind the eyes of a thinker
who disappoints, not
because there is a balance
and the thought of a dream
behind a barrier
cannot exist unless
you see it
© r.e.l. 10/31/12

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Upcoming Next Week!!

For Week 41, we will have theme Tornados,  Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Volcanos, and Unexpected Losses in Life.

It is a time to think about these natural disasters, how their impacts on us
inspire our poetry writing 
And what we can do to help or heal the wounds.., that's next week!

H-A-P-P-Y P-O-E-T-R-Y P-I-C-N-I-C!

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