Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Blog Review - Thoughts Not Lost - Week 39

The blog in review today is Thoughts Not Lost written by Nicole Suzanne.  The first thing that drew me to this blog was it’s layout and the theme in its imagery.  It’s purples and stars make the blog seem like it will surely be exciting.  The name itself is also quite intriguing.  The overall layout of the blog is easy to navigate and nicely done.  The author page is also easy to find as well, which is always nice.  There are easy navigation options on the right pane as well as a blogroll and other fun features.   
Enough about the display of the blog, the content is important as well.  The poems are all written quite well and use some very nice imagery.  Some of the personification, in poems such as Slither, are also quite nice.  These poems definitely make you think and are written nicely.  One of the poems I liked best on this blog is the following:

Energy springs
Eternal lean, glean what can
Skip, trip on to the next.
Perplexing and new.
Not tried and true.
But dipped in blue, shimmering stars
Bright and light the night
Fight as you might,
dare to delight.

Nicole Suzanne has been posting to their blog since July 2010 and I hope they continue to post more great poems.  Don’t forget to subscribe so you can read more of these awesome poems.  I hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I did.

~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)