Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Poetry Form Week 35: Write A Poem With Referred Word or Color in It!

How to define poetry form? It’s hard to tell, anything related to poetry is called a poem and has a form, so via NAPOWRIMO, I know that a poem with the name of a color in it can be called a poetry form, here it goes, I picked one from Firefox Poetry at Promising Poets Parking Lot again…

Enjoy !

Happy Poeming!

Happy May Days!

Blue jay sings
under the blue sky,
Bluebell flower brings
the bluest tie,
shake off blue mood,
Enjoy a blueberry pie,
Watch Blues Clues show and beam,
Dive in the blue water and swim.


Michelle Ivana Yunaska Theilfing Obama said...

enjoy the challenge, all.

Rinkly Rimes said...


Black is the depths of the deep dark mine,
Where only feeble lamp-lights shine;
Black are the patterns of Columbine.
Black is the colour of the midnight skies
Where bright stars flit like fireflies;
Black is the colour when you close your eyes.
Black is the colour of the wicked heart;
And the poppy's darkest part;
Black is the fruit in blackberry tart.

Unknown said...

Black is the absence of light, but your poem gave black a rich meaning.