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Friday Poetry Blog Review Week 34 on Jingle (Ji for short)

Jingle means a rhyming or tinkling sound in dictionary or whenever we hear this word we think of one of sweetest carols, “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way” but for us, Jingle is our dearest and sweetest “Ji”... She owns many wonderful spaces but I am here to review about this wonderful space, Jingle (words, adventures, poetry, math, hope & healthy living)

About Jingle:

Jingle is the pen name of the sweetest person “Ji”, a blogger from United States who enjoys reading, traveling, and writing. She says that she is here to share some of the insights that she have gained in her life span and invites her fellow bloggers to join the journey of adventures, humors, math, hope and surprises. I am nobody to tell about her wonderful creative Poetry or the way she binds us in many wonderful spaces or the support she gives to blogging communities.

Apart from her blogging career, professionally she has earned two Masters Degree and a Ph D Candidate. One of the Masters Degree is in Math and the other in Education and her love for Math is immeasurable as you could see it in her
Math posts.

Well, Ji has been interviewed by
Poets United, Magic Backyard - Kellie, Exposure Worthy and in Ibok’s Tribe Sunday.

She owns four blogs,Jingle | (words, adventures, poetry, math, hope & healthy living) where she pens down her creative thoughts, expresses her love on math, appreciates her fellow bloggers via awards and she stretches her supportive hand to all the poetry communities.
Jingle -

Promising Poets' Parking Lot, A Poetry Warehouse - “A place where poetry is highlighted and appreciated... Let out poetry heart and soul blend in with the others...” (She hosts Thursday Poets Rally here and appreciates creative poets via awards...)Jingle where she appreciates poets via awards and pen down her creative thoughts as poems About the Blog: Jingle (words, adventures, poetry, math, hope & healthy living):

A mind-blowing blog that inspires many poetry hearts and souls that blends to form a magical poetry world. With Twenty Ten template as base, Ji has modified theme color to black and header image, and with snow, the blog looks very chill. She has used few widgets like recent posts and comments to add a pearl to the treasure.

The blog consists of 18 pages and most of them supporting the blogging communities. In brief,
About ME says ‘Who is Jingle’, About You says ‘Who are us’; Haiku shows her love and passion towards Haiku (one of her favorite form of poetry), Math shows her love towards it.

The archive of her blog says that she pens down from November 2009.

About Jingle’s Poetry:
Just Giggle A Little, the magical journey started from here as she painted her insights that she have gained in her life span and her journey of adventures, humors, and surprises as poems.

Ji writes many different styles of poetry (say Haiku, freestyle to name a few) and at an unbelievable pace. They are simple, beautiful and thoughtful, a very talented magical poet she is…

Ji just over a year in blogging has written an unbelievable count of poems (558, 155) and to pick a few from them is highly impossible. However, my personal favorite is ‘
Be true’ out of all the huge numbers.

Ji writes for all the meme blogs and Poetry communities as far as I know… Ji owns Thursday Poets Rally (
Promising Poets Parking lot) and Jingle Poetry.


Ji you can add more widgets like Tag Cloud, Popular Posts, Blog Stats etc. You can also create a Facebook and Twitter page for your wonderful blog.

Special Words:

Jingle, the way you appreciate the fellow bloggers is awesome, the amount of time you spend for reading and commenting their works is immeasurable and commendable, last but not the least the way you shower your blessing on them, no words for that.. I still remember the day (friendship day) you visited my blog with a wonderful surprise and package of awards to appreciate my work. Thanks Ji, I owe you a lot…


This is Someone Is Special, the author of
Few Miles, hosting Review Tuesdays along with Leo (Leonnyes) of I Rhyme Without Reason. Enjoy the beautiful wonderful creations of Ji as I do. Have fun! Jingle Poetry and Jingle Poetry @ Olive Garden Rock!


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